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‘Forks’ Remains an Important Episode for ‘The Bear’ in Season 3

The Bear has given us some great episodes in its three-season run, but one of the all-time best is saeson 2’s “Forks.” The Richie-centric episode has left fans stunned since its release and plays an important role in season 3!

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In the episode, Richie (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) has been pushing back at every change that Syd (Ayo Edebiri) and Carmy (Jeremy Allen White) have made to the Beef. Now called “The Bear,” the restaurant has become a fine-dining dream and not the sandwich shop that Richie knew and worked at with his best friend Mikey (Jon Bernthal). So, to help Richie learn what he needs to do to be a major player in their new restaurant, Carmy sends him to work with Chef Terry (Olivia Colman) at Ever.

Carmy worked with her there, with Chef Luca (Will Poulter), and while Richie sees it as a punishment, the reason Carmy sends him there was so that Richie has a purpose. He wants to keep Richie around, and that means that Richie has to learn how to make the front of house function smoothly. Called “Forks” because he is literally cleaning forks for the beginning of his week at Ever, the episode gives Richie much needed “growing up” lessons. I loved Richie prior to this, but “Forks” really makes him into my favorite character.

Slowly, Richie learns what making a fine-dining experience special is all about. He knows that the precision of it all is important for things to run smoothly, and he learns that making someone’s night special is part of the experience of a restaurant like Ever (and what The Bear hopes to be).

“Forks” plays an important part in The Bear

While the episode may seem like a side quest for Richie, it plays an important part in the show moving forward. Richie is truly changed by the experience. Gone are the “Original Beef of Chicagoland” shirts, and he takes his role as front of house seriously, all because of his conversation with Chef Terry and his experience with her staff at Ever.

“Forks” tied together how Carmy knows Chef Luca, gave Richie a renewed sense of self and purpose, and introduced a lot of characters who come into play in season 3. So, it is exciting to see just how important “Forks” ended up being for the show as a whole.

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