Hold Everything: Here Is the Teaser for The Amazing Spider-Man [Video]

Who He Is and How He Came to Be
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The official HD trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man has swung in after first appearing at San Diego Comic Con (and in a much quicker fashion than the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, thankyouverymuch). But here it is. Here it is! And it looks good! Good, with a dash of déjà vu since we just saw a Spidey flick four years ago. But still! No, really. It’s time to get excited about this.

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As we’ve been promised, this Spidey reboot will be delving into more of the origin story behind how Peter Parker becomes Spider-Man. And already, we get a very rare look at Peter’s parents, which is already a step in a different direction. And that alone makes it feel even more acceptable a mere four years after Sam Raimi‘s trilogy ended. It doesn’t seem like a blatant attempt at making money — it seems like a genuine desire to delve deeper into Peter Parker’s story while bringing back the comic’s original flavor (mechanical web shooters, which are also on display in the trailer, Gwen Stacy as the main love interest, etc.) and not a slap in Raimi’s face.

And this is why I might be really, really psyched about this now. The fact that everything about it feels younger and more authentically “high school” is also really, really appealing. (Even though Andrew Garfield is actually slightly older than Tobey Maguire was when he first played Spidey, but he looks way younger. Like an actual high school student. It’s the skinniness, I guess?) But the darker, grittier feel of it (“We all have secrets: The ones we keep … and the ones that are kept from us”) is also very, very intriguing. There’s mystery going on here, and right off the bat, that laboratory where Peter is bit by the infamous spider seems way more dangerous than the field trip in the first movie. (“Ready to play God?” Good gracious! What’s gonna happen here, now?)

Basically, I feel like we’re not going to be seeing someone like Macy Gray showing up in this kind of movie.

It feels like there is hardly anything “light” or flashy about this, especially considering the cast — Martin Sheen! Denis Leary! Emma Stone! Sally Field! Rhys Ifans! — and the presence of Peter’s actual parents.

So, yes. Yes indeed. I’m okay with this reboot now. And now I’m excited.

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