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Terminator Dog Needs a Home


This is Hachi, the sweet Akita/Chow mix from El Segundo, CA, and he’s lucky to be alive. Hachi survived a house fire and was in bad shape when he was brought to an animal shelter. Hachi’s Petfinder profile gives some idea of how dire his situation was:

[…] third-degree burns covering over 60 to 70 percent of his body. He was nothing but a sweetheart from the time he was carried in – black and charred with the pads of his feet literally falling off.

Thanks to some dedicated vets, Hachi recovered quickly and is now happy and healthy. He will be scared forever, though: fur will likely never grow back on the patches over his back and face, much of his left ear is missing. His appearance may prove to his benefit, as online commenters have been quick to point out the similarities between Hachi and The Terminator. Hopefully all this attention will get Hachi into a good home.

Recently, blogs have been doing a great job of promoting the stories of animals in need and adorable but very disfigured pets. Maybe a California resident can give this distinctive pup a good home? Perhaps a certain elected official with a connection to a certain film franchise that the dog vaguely resembles?

(PetFinder via Geekologie)

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