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Telltale Games Announces Episodic Series Based On… Minecraft?

Suck it, House Forrester!


“So we’ve just launched a well-received adventure game tie-in to Game of Thrones, which is a series known for its intricately plotted and nuanced interactions between complex characters,” I imagine the CEO of Telltale Games probably said to his subordinates one day last week. “So basically, we are on a roll. What other insanely popular franchises full of complicated interwoven storylines can we successfully exploit for our own gain? Dragon Age? The works of JRR Tolkien? RedwallBattlestar Galactica?”

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“Wait, I’ve got it.” One guy at the other end of the conference room must have answered. “What if we went the exact opposite direction and picked the most open-ended, simplistic setting we can possibly think of to create a story from? Like, so simplistic that we’d have to scrap our usual pseudo-realistic cartoonish animation style for straight-up pixels?”

“Holy crap I am listening,” Telltale’s CEO would have replied.

And that’s totally how the  Minecraft series that Telltale recently announced on their blog was born, I bet. No, seriously. It’s happening.

Obviously not much is known about the game yet, save that Minecraft: Story Mode has the official blessing of Mojang Entertainment, who also released a blog post on the subject. It will be a standalone, narrative-driven story—so quite unlike the open sandbox style of the original game—driven by player choice and inspired by both “familiar characters” and members of the Minecraft community.

“We’re not intending on creating an ‘official’ story for Steve [the game’s default avatar], or explaining the world of Minecraft in detail,”  Mojang’s blog reads. “It will be a cool game.” Ouch, sick burn on Steve. He can be cool, too, you know!

Minecraft: Story Mode is expected to hit all major consoles and devices sometime in 2015—true to typical Telltale style, we probably won’t know more until the week before it actually drops, so for now be content in the singular knowledge that it’s going to happen. Also, tell me you would not play the hell out of a Redwall adventure game. Holy shit yes. If the Minecraft thing doesn’t work out, you guys know where to find me.

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