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Things We Saw Today: Jason Sudeikis Says Ted Lasso Season 2 Is Their Empire Strikes Back

Jason Sudeikis points and smiles as Ted Lasso

According to Jason Sudeikis and executive producer Bill Lawrence, Ted Lasso was always meant to be a three-season show.

Speaking with the Kansas City Star ahead of the second season premiere this week, the pair explained that they’ve had a three-season arc for the show and all its main characters plotted out from day one.

“The cool thing for this particular show, because we did that, is that we knew every character’s journey — beginning, middle and end — for all three seasons,” Lawrence told the newspaper. “We’re not gonna suddenly shift gears and add more middle to this three-season story of the team of Richmond and the characters involved.”

In trilogies, the middle installment is often a bit of a slump as it can end up being a lot of filler leading up to the finale. Having seen the first half of season two already, I can say that that’s not a concern with Ted Lasso. The new season sees the characters focusing inward, getting introspective, and it’s really compelling.

In trilogy speak, Sudeikis compares the new season to The Empire Strikes Back.

From the Star:

“(Team owner) Rebecca is not having to deal with (ex-husband) Rupert, Ted’s not having to deal with the high-concept comedy conceit of being set up to fail,” Sudeikis says. “Now people are going to find out that maybe the call is coming from inside the house, metaphorically.

“If we remember in ‘Empire Strikes Back,’ which is deeply rooted in Joseph Campbell’s ‘Hero’s Journey,’ it’s literally when Luke studies with this Jedi Master, this little green wise man who giggles a lot for reasons unbeknownst to this Jedi-in-training. (Luke) has to go into this cave and face some demons. And much like the game of soccer, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and a lot of times you tie.”

“This season, a sports psychologist, Sharon (Sarah Niles), joins the Richmond soccer club, making Ted immediately uncomfortable,” writes the Star. “Could she be the Yoda of Ted Lasso?”

“’That seems like a spoiler,’ Sudeikis demurs.”

While we can always hope for more Ted Lasso after the third season, it’s nice to know that this show–which has already been renewed through season 3–will get to see its story through to its planned end.

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What did you all see out there this (ugh) Monday?

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