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Flash Drive Shaped Like a Tampon Fools Nobody, Probably Works Just Fine (As a USB Drive)

Bloody Good Fun

We live in an age now where we’re basically tripping over USB drives emblazoned with the logo and stuffed with the press of whatever company is trying to sell you a thing, but I do remember a day when obtaining a USB drive was a thing you had to deliberately do. If you’re in the market to deliberately obtain a USB drive, this might be one you’d consider obtaining. But I’m going to recommend that, if you do buy one, that you buy it purely because it’s kinda funny, and not because you think its little masquerade will keep people from finding your USB drive.

Because this is not how a tampon appears in the “wild,” so to speak.

Yes, I may be preaching to the choir here, but we’re a female geek site so it falls squarely into the category of “if we don’t say it who will?”  Okay, maybe it’s not the most, uh, societally relevant or even most influential thing we’re ever going to report on. Ok, so it’s definitely not.

The copy on the website about it being a place “no one will look” for your files is cute but laughable. If I found this floating around it would immediately raise the following questions:

  • Why does this person just have an unwrapped tampon floating around their bag? Gross.
  • They even took it out of its applicator. What are they possibly planning on using it for? Grooooooooooss.
  • And why is its string so straight?
  • And… a loop, actually?
  • And clearly not made of white string?

And at that point I’d probably pick it up and realize it’s made out of plastic, and laugh at their gag USB device.

And then steal their sensitive government information for my bosses in the Kremlin/use the codes within to raid their bank accounts and donate the money to worthy charities/find the secret location of the mob books that will put them all away for life.

What? I can be versatile.

(Meninos via Reddit.)

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