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The Sexy Viral Tahiticora XBox Video: The Making Of (Update)

If you’ve been following the gaming blogs lately, you may have come across the semi-NSFW video of a scantily clad, giftedly-bootied model called Tahiticora suggestively playing a racing game on the XBox (video after the jump). The video has gone viral: since it was posted on YouTube on February 19th, it has already netted more than 150,000 pageviews.

But the video left many questions unanswered: Is it a viral ad of some sort? Does anyone really play XBox like that? And is Tahiticora really a bona fide XBox fan? Geekosystem investigates:We briefly chatted with Tahiticora (real name: Coralie Teraiefa), who said that:

  • Yes, the video was spontaneous: Teraiefa says that she was just playing XBox when her boyfriend “thought it would be a very sexy video, so he decided to film me playing.” [Sorry guys: that’s a hint for “she’s taken.”]
  • But, once she shot it, she did see the video’s viral potential, which may be why the video featured an ad for her site “As I am a model and thought the video was cool, I decided to use it as self promotion and put it on YouTube.”
  • Yes, Tahiticora says she is a true blue XBox fan. Score.

So: now you know. Here’s her Facebook fan page and Twitter. If you are in need of a 5′ 6″, 34-27-35 model with long brown hair for some reason, here’s Tahiticora’s booking site.

Update, 3/2: G4’s Attack of the Show aired the video tonight as well.

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