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The Spider-Man Cast Are the Real Heroes With a Visit to a Los Angeles Children’s Hospital

We all love Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Jake Gyllenhaal, but just in case you wanted to love them a little more, the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles posted a video of them greeting children after a special screening of Spider-Man: Far From Home. The short video is a perfect antidote to Monday blues and will restore your faith in humanity a little.

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The Spider-Man: Far From Home Cast Answers Important Questions like Is Spider-Man Iron Man

I would gladly watch Tom Holland rip paper off a board for the rest of my life because watching him freak out over the sound added ten years to my existence and I'm okay with that. Still, this cast is fun, sweet, and clearly likes spending time together.

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Euphoria Is a Beautiful Look at the Pitfalls of Addiction and Societal Pressure

Euphoria might be one of the best shows currently on television.

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Nothing but Respect for MY Mary Jane Watson, Zendaya

Zendaya looks more like Mary Jane Watson than Kirsten Dunst ever did but people like to go off.

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Consensual Teen Sex Is Not the Thing That Concerns Us About Euphoria’s Sex Scenes

Right now, the upcoming HBO show called Euphoria is getting a bunch of news coverage because there is apparently a lot of sex and drugs in the show and especially too many penises.

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The MCU Version of “MJ” Is Extremely Important

As with Peter Parker, I've also may be adopted the MCU MJ as one of my children, and to quote Michael Scott from The Office, I can't wait to watch my kids grow up and then marry each other.

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Zendaya Doesn’t Want to Be “Hollywood’s Acceptable Version of a Black Girl” Anymore, so How Do We Change That?

"We're vastly too beautiful and too interesting for me to be the only representation of that. What I'm saying, it's about creating those opportunities. Sometimes you have to create those paths. And that's with anything, Hollywood, art, whatever," Zendaya added.

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What Was Your Favorite Performance From Last Night’s Oscars?

"Remember Me" from Coco took home the Oscar for Best Original Song, but all the performances were absolutely jaw-dropping.

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Things We Saw Today: Lin-Manuel Miranda has a Funko Pop!, All Other Funkos Can Go Home

'Hamilton' maestro Lin-Manuel Miranda seems to have been gifted his very own bobble-headed plastic doll, and it is perfect.

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Spider-Man: Homecoming Doesn’t Pass the Bechdel Test. It Doesn’t Come Close.

I've been thinking about the fun to be had at Spider-Man: Homecoming, but also about how audiences who see it this weekend won't be seeing two female characters speak to one another.

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Not Even Zendaya Can Make the Original Spider-Man Theme Song Lyrics Sound Like Poetry

It takes a lot of talent to make those words sound as dramatic as Zendaya manages to do.

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What’s High School Like in Spider-Man Homecoming?

Star Zendaya says the high school in Homecoming will reflect modern social dynamics, where the smart kids are "cool," and that the diverse cast ensures this school actually looks like it's in New York City.

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Here’s the Final Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer for Your Snarktastic Pleasure

Lots of things explode, Michael Keaton's Vulture wants to smash the system, and Peter Parker seems to have learned his snark at the school of Tony Stark.

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Things We Saw Today: Spider-Man Tom Holland Performing Rihanna’s “Umbrella” Will Change Your Life

Holy mother of everything, what did I just witness?

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Things We Saw Today: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Dressed as Pikachu, a Sight to Behold

Dwayne Johnson would do anything for his little girl, that's for damn sure.

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Zendaya Sets the Record Straight About Those Mary Jane Rumors in Spider-Man: Homecoming

You think you know, but you have no idea.

Remember when we were all excited because it looked like we were getting a black Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man: Homecoming? Well, it turns out we were wrong. Zendaya is still set to star in the film, but she won't be playing Peter Parker's love interest.

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James Gunn Addresses the Spider-Man: Homecoming Casting Backlash

"If you’re complaining about the ethnicity of Mary Jane your life is too good."

Following his initial tweet on the subject, Gunn later wrote a longer Facebook post on the Spider-Man: Homecoming casting dissenters. While he isn't confirming whether the rumor is true (mostly because he doesn't know for certain), he makes the point that even the idea, the mere concept of casting a black woman as Mary Jane Watson should be more about what she can bring to the character.

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Zendaya’s Role in Spider-Man: Homecoming Revealed and Some Are Not Having It

Are you freaking out? Because I'm freaking out.

Zendaya’s “key character” in Spider-Man: Homecoming has reportedly been revealed, and it looks like she’s no longer playing a character named "Michelle," as was hinted at first.

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Spider-Man: Homecoming Character Names Revealed, Plus Breakfast Club Tribute

I just want to say: I totally called this photo.

Spider-Man: Homecoming director Jon Watts revealed the character names for each of Tom Holland's co-stars.

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Things We Saw Today: Help Make This LEGO Amelia Earhart Set a Reality

Up, up, and away!

Master builders Ellen Kooijman (Alatariel) and Brad Meltzer have devised this awesome Amelia Earhart LEGO set!

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