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If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say by Leila Sales Tackles Call out Culture in the Age of Twitter and Social Media

Winter Halperin, after coming in second-place at a spelling bee, posts this on her social media: "We learned many surprising things today. Like that dehnstufe is apparently a word, and that a black kid can actually win the Spelling Bee." What follows is an internet storm she is no way prepared for.

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One of the Most Important Young Adult Books Is Now a Graphic Novel—Q&A w/ Laurie Halse Anderson

One of the most important young adult novels of the last two decades is now being turned into a graphic novel at the perfect time.

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YouTube Superstars Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin Hate Everyone but Each Other

Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin met in Los Angeles over a series of open mics. A pseudo-dating scenario, several creative projects, one hit YouTube channel and more than 750,000 subscribers later, these talented and prolific creators have not only become best friends, but they have a New York Times Bestselling book on their hands in their YA novel, I Hate Everyone But You.

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Marvel’s Got a New YA Novel About Loki Coming Out, and It’s Going to Be Queer as Hell

Young adult novelist Mackenzi Lee has signed a three-book deal with Disney to write a "new series of historical fiction novels focusing on popular anti-heroes from the Marvel Universe." The first book will star Loki, and Lee will keep to comics canon by making the character pansexual and genderfluid.

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Why Does Netflix’s Friends From College Hate YA So Much?

Young Adult fiction plays a big role in the new Netflix show, but it's not clear why the writers took on a genre they clearly know nothing about, and on top of that, disdain.

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Interview: Carrie DiRisio of Brooding YA Hero on Why We Need to Take YA Fiction Seriously

I had the opportunity to read Brooding YA Hero: Becoming a Main Character (Almost) as Awesome as Me, a "self-help" guide full of quizzes, activities, and examination of YA tropes all from the perspective of Broody McHottiepants, the male hero we all know and love.

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Things We Saw Today: Honest Trailers Has a Hard Time Making Fun of Logan

For good reason, too. That movie's wonderful.

Logan is so darn good that they have a hard time picking at it, so they call in some heavy-gun backup: Deadpool

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The State of Feminism in Young Adult Fantasy: Viewing Femininity as a Strength, Not a Weakness

Erin Beaty, author of The Traitor's Kiss, writes about the state of feminism within young adult fantasy novels. You don't have to be masculine to be a hero.

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Check Out This Preview for Roar, Featuring Magic and Fantasy and Stormy Weather, Oh My

Hey gang! We've got a pretty sweet preview to share with you today from our friends at Tor!

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From Baby-Sitting to Magic Pants: Why I Love Female Friendships in Young Adult Fiction

On the pages of these books are girls who support one another, who celebrate each other’s differences and hold up each other up.

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Falling in Love With Ourselves: Blending Romance and Coming-of-Age Narratives in Gay YA Fiction

Learning who you are or who you want to be when you’re on your own is intense enough. Learning who you are while also learning who you want to be when in a relationship? Ten times more intense!

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Dark Hunter Author Sherrilyn Kenyon Suing Cassandra Clare Over Shadowhunters

Last week Dark Hunter author Sherrilyn Kenyon filed a lawsuit against YA novelist Cassandra Clare for allegedly "willfully copying" Kenyon's novels.

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Disability in Kidlit and the Changing Landscape of Disabilities in Books: An Interview With Corinne Duyvis

Diversity in literature has become a big topic for discussion in recent years. There’s no denying we need more of it. Author Corinne Duyvis is one of the people working to promote diverse titles and change the way we read about the world through her books and the blog she co-founded Disability in Kidlit. Recently she spoke to us about the work she’s done, her writing, and her own experience with disabilities.

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Hero 11-Year-Old “Sick of Reading About White Boys and Dogs,” Creates #1000BlackGirlBooks

11-year-old activist and voracious reader Marley Dias has launched an awesome book drive after noticing the lack of diverse characters in the books she has to read for school. As part of #1000BlackGirlBooks, Marley is looking to collect 1,000 books with black girl protagonists by February 1st.

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Marvel Announces Even More YA Novels On The Way, Including Squirrel Girl!

"YA" are the two letters that also describe my feelings on this, as in YAAAAAAY.

Many more characters are being launched into the world of YA fiction thanks to Marvel, including Squirrel Girl, Rocket Raccoon and Groot, and Tony Stark.

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Captain Marvel is Getting Her Own YA Novel!

More Carol is never a bad thing.

Yesterday at NYCC, Marvel CCO Joe Quesada announced that Captain Marvel will be the newest superhero added to its young adult line-up. The character will be featured in a YA novel by husband-and-wife co-authors Shannon Hale and Dean Hale.

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Through the Looking Glass: Makeovers in Fairytales and YA

The makeover is one of the most powerful and controversial tropes in Young Adult fiction. Makeovers are the stuff of deep wish fulfillment, and though the nature of these wishes and modes of transformation may have changed, makeovers still speak not only to the enduring power of beauty, but to our discomfort with its conventions as well.

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Giveaway: Red’s Untold Tale Prize Pack

Once Upon A Time is back, and to celebrate, Disney-Hyperion has a Young Adult novel based on the hit show!

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Lois Lane to Return in New YA Novel from Gwenda Bond

Last May, Gwenda Bond's novel Fallout, about the adventures of highschool-aged Lois Lane, helped to give the DC character some of the attention she deserves in her own right. And now, Lois is getting a sequel!

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Paper Towns Cast and Creative Team to Join John Green at This Year’s BookCon

After the super successful The Fault in Our Stars panel at last year's inaugural BookCon, Fox revealed in April that John Green would be returning to the Con this year for a Paper Towns panel--and now The Mary Sue is pleased to announced that members of Paper Towns' cast and creative team will be present as well.

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