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A Little Girl Dressed as BB-8 Faces Off Against a Tiny Xenomorph Cosplayer

Lights up on BB-8, wandering through a crowded space station, deep in the heart of an unknown galaxy. Surrounded by mysterious and unfamiliar life forms, she remains steadfast. She has one tool in her arsenal: a thumbs-up of self-confidence.

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Things We Saw Today: Patrick Stewart Played Humperdinck in a Live-Read of The Princess Bride


Boy, suddenly I wish I was at TIFF: according to The Hollywood Reporter, Jason Reitman hosted a live-read of The Princess Bride that starred Rob Reiner as The Grandpa, Rachel McAdams as Buttercup, Donald Glover as Vizzini, and Patrick Stewart as Humperdinck. Cary Elwes also reprised his role as Westley, because he does what we wish. […]

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Ripley & Her Xenomorph Space Suit Feature in Neill Blomkamp’s Drool-Worthy Alien Concept Art

I'll take ten.

Was District 9 and Chappie director Neill Blomkamp working on an Alien movie? Some new concept art reveals he just might have been. Now whether or not he was getting paid for it is another story...

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Dorkly’s Got Five Real Animals That Are Basically Alien Xenomorph Monsters

So uh... how's that power loader invention coming?

On Earth, everyone can hear you scream, and they'll hear you do just that when you experience the horror of realizing that monsters are very real things that live all around us, thanks to Dorkly.

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Things We Saw Today: Bedding For A Pizzaful Night’s Sleep

A person in the streets, but a pizza in the sheets.

This bedding will run you $65-80 over on Incredible Things, but that seems a fair price to lie every night with one's true love.

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The Mary Sue Review: The Video Game That Makes You the Star of a Horror Film, Alien: Isolation

Final report of geek journalist, Jill Pantozzi.

Don't breathe. Don't move. Don't even think. Survive. If you can.

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Ridley Scott Says There Will Be No Xenomorphs In Prometheus 2, Destroys All My Interest In Prometheus 2

Xenomore! Ridley doth murder xeep!

Time to clean out your chests, er, desks, guys.

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Shane Black Says His Predator Will Be A Super-Cool Sequel, Not A Reboot

But...but I'm already at the chopper!

Shane Black has clarified reports that he will be rebooting the 1987 Predator, saying his addition to the franchise will instead be an entirely new story mining the creatures' "rich mythology." So...female Predators? That's what you're telling us, right, Black?

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H.R. Giger, Oscar-Winning Alien Designer, Dead at 74

May hosts of xenomorphs sing you to your sleep, old friend.

Whether you know H.R. Giger's name or not, you've definitely been scared by him: the Swiss surrealist who passed away yesterday was best known for his Oscar-winning work on Alien, for which he designed the sets and titular creature.

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Knitted Xenomorphs Give the Best Hugs

It Came From Outer Space

Especially the kinds with clips on their legs so they can actually hang on to a head. Happy snuggles!

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Kids Toy Commercials for… Alien?

what is this I don't even

While the xenomorph (that is, the Alien) has become an enshrined part of horror cinema, the kind of cultural artifact that you can absorb easily whether or not you've actually ever seen the original source, like Godzilla, Frankenstein, or Ghostface from Scream. I can't speak from personal experience, but in 1979, when the R-rated Alien actually hit screens, I doubt that it was that easy. Instead, little kids had to learn to fear the alien from, apparently, really clashingly upbeat commercials where they futilely fight off a horrifying embodiment of our existential dread of unfathomableness of space and our own bodies. Fun for the whole family! On the other hand, we would totally go nuts for the Ripley action figure with Turbo Torch action that showed up later.

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The Making Of The Terrifying Baby Alien From Alien 3

It Came From Outer Space

You may not remember the "Bambi Burster" from Alien 3, but that's probably attributable to a few good reasons: the film is 20 years old, threequels are always kind of iffy, and, oh yeah, that thing is so terrifying you might have blocked it from your memory anyway. Watch as the film's crew makes sculptor Steve Norrington's quadrupedal xenomorph animate, and try not to let it creep you out too much. Think of it as refreshing: isn't it nice to see 3D models in an age of CGI? (via i09.)

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Aliens Vs. Predator Chess Set the Most Civilized Way for Aliens and Predators to Fight

Aliens Vs. Predator may have been a pretty terrible movie, but the concept it embodies has a lot of merit. Especially on the chessboard. That was, perhaps, the thinking behind this amazing chess set from Joker-Laugh, which features the familiar "faces" of everyone's favorite acid-bleeding xenomorphs and mandibled hunters. My only question is if the transparent Predator pieces get some kind of bonus for being invisible -- it only seems fair! See more images of both sides, arrayed for battle, after the break.

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The Worst, Best, and Weirdest Chess Sets

The Lewis Chessmen

In the 12th century, someone somewhere in Scandinavia carved the Lewis Chessmen, a collection of nearly 100 chess pieces of a particularly unique and expressive style. It wasn't the first ornate chess set, but it's certainly a strange and unique set with its shield-biting berzerkers and worried looking royalty. Since the Lewis chess set, the Western world has continued to make stranger and stranger chess sets. Perhaps this speaks to the power of the game, and it's captivating metaphorical nature. More likely it speaks to the human desire to spend stupendous amounts of money. Regardless, chess set making has come to the point where it's no longer about the game but about whatever weird twist you can put on it. And trust us, they've come a long way from simple walrus ivory carvings. So whether your covet these gameboards, or laugh at those that do, please enjoy this humble collection of the least humble chess sets the Internet has to offer.

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H.R. Giger is On for the Alien Prequel

Good news for those who like their alien spaceships properly oozing, dark, and pseudo-sexual: H.R. Giger is now confirmed as a contributor to Ridley Scott's new Alien prequel.  Giger is the artist who designed all of the alien looks in the original sci-fi horror flick, and so it is he who we can thank for those extraterrestrials known sometimes as xenomorphs, but more commonly called simply, significantly, aliens.

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