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Steam Summer Sale: Day 10 Deals

Finally, an affordable way to manage a simulated prison.

The gift that keeps on giving keeps it up with Day 10 of the Steam Summer Sale. Let's take a look at what's offered today and then collectively decide to stay indoors all summer playing games. Some titles are up to 75% off, and that even puts a few of them under $5. What were you going to do with $5? Buy a sandwich? Skip lunch and buy Worms Revolution. Actually, don't skip lunch. You'll need your strength for all that worm-on-worm action.

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Scientists Now Using Earthworms to Make Quantum Dots

Incredibly small, subatomic things operate by a different set of rules than the rest of us. Those rules are known as quantum physics. Nanoscale-sized bits of semiconductor are known as quantum dots, and they are used to make sure the electrons they contain are influenced by quantum effects. They're very useful for things like making smaller electronic components and better medical imaging, but they're also difficult to produce. That's why scientists are researching how to use earthworms to produce quantum dots.

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Scientists Propose Mealworms As Protein Source of the Future, Soylent Green Suddenly Not Sounding So Bad

Be it a slice or ten of bacon in the morning or a good steak for dinner, most meat shares a common bond -- it is pretty awesome to eat. While this is clearly the best thing about meat, it is also one of the biggest knocks against it. Since meat is awesome, everyone wants to eat it. Taken alongside the fact that meat takes a significant amount of time, energy, and resources to get as awesome as it is, that means that while meat is  awesome, it is actually a pretty inefficient and unsustainable way to feed a lot of people. A pair of researchers at Wageningen University in the Netherlands has proposed a new way to get cheap, nutritious, lean protein into the diets of people worldwide -- by turning mealworms into the mainstream meat of tomorrow.

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New Family of Creepy Worm-Like Amphibians Discovered in India

When you think of amphibians, you probably think of frogs or salamanders, you know, something that at least has the potential to be remotely cute, or at least not terrifying. Well, allow me to introduce you to some newly discovered amphibious worms which are, I think, ugly. Seven new species of limbless amphibians (which fall under the order "Gymnophiona") have been found hiding in the dirt in India, constituting an entire new family in and of themselves.

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Worms Plushies are the Only Worms You Might Want to Hug

If nobody likes you and everybody hates you, maybe you should pick up a few Worms worms to keep you company. I wouldn't recommend eating them though. At around 7 inches tall (long?) they aren't quite itsy bitsy, but they are fuzzy-wuzzy.

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This Toad Has A Worm In Its Eye [Video]

Given that Thanksgiving is fast approaching, I think I'll take today to be thankful that I am not a toad with a parasitic worm in its eye, like this toad that has a parasitic worm in its eye. That said, he seems to be pretty OK with it. Still, it's pretty gross. See how long you can watch it before you start feeling phantom worms wigglin' and squigglin' in your own ey-ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD.

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Worm Mind Control Through Lasers

A team at Harvard University has recently announced that they have developed a methodology to control the very minds of worms by firing lasers at individual neurons. According to Scientific American, by engineering the worms to be light sensitive, scientists were able to stimulate specific parts of the worms' nervous system through their transparent bodies with observable results. For instance, they can make the worm stop, change direction, and even lay eggs.

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Angry Birds Imagined as an 8-Bit ’90s Physics Game

We've previously written about video game demakes, reimaginings of today's games in 8 or 16 bits that frequently look like even more fun than the newer, sleeker games. (Tell me that this Gradius-like 16-bit Bayonetta mock-up doesn't look fantastic.) Rovio's Angry Birds, to which I have recently become hopelessly addicted, is a nice-looking game, but being a mobile game it's primarily known for its gameplay rather than its graphics. But Penny Design's Robert Penney still saw demake potential there: Noting its affinity with such '90s puzzle staples as Worms and Lemmings, he treated it to "a retro reimaging with blocky pixels" in the mock-ups above. Please make this a real thing, Rovio! (Penney Design via TDW)

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