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Hollywood’s Female Crew Members Experience the Same Harassment as Stars, But Lack Their Protections

Hollywood harassment isn't limited to stars, but when sharing their stories, below the line crew members don't see the protections that come with having a famous face.

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Emma Thompson: Harvey Weinstein Is a Predator “Endemic to the System”, Not a Sex Addict

"Perhaps the more of us who say this is endemic, let's just say it's endemic...I spent my twenties trying to get old men's tongues out of my mouth because they just thought 'well she's up for it'. So I would imagine that that happens really very regularly".

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Be the Jessica Chastain You Want to See in the World

Jessica Chastain is setting the bar for celebrities' responses to Harvey Weinstein and systemic sexual abuse in Hollywood.

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Donald Trump Jr. Is Concern-Trolling Hollywood Over Harvey Weinstein

Following the outing of Harvey Weinstein's decades of sexual harassment and assault, Donald Trump Jr. wants us all to know that he cares more than anyone, the absolute most, and he's gonna rub his caring in all those smug Hollywood elitist liberal faces.

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She’ll Be Back: Linda Hamilton Returning to the Terminator Franchise For Planned Trilogy

After the franchise flop-fest culminating in Terminator: Genisys, James Cameron is returning to the Terminator franchise to oversee an all-new trilogy of films that would give a proper ending to the Humanity vs. Skynet conflict. We've now learned that another very important piece of the Terminator puzzle is returning. Ladies and Gentlemen, Linda HamiltonA.K.A. the OG Sarah Connoris back!

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Director Angela Robinson Unpacks Wonder Woman Creator’s Complicated Feminism in Professor Marston

The director of Professor Marston and the Wonder Women speaks.

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women is one of the most unique, intriguing, and thought-provoking films coming out this year, and I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with the film's writer-director, Angela Robinson, who shed a bit of light on her process and her preconceived notions when making the film.

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Kate Winslet Awkwardly Defends Working With Woody Allen and I Awkwardly SMDH

It's not only frustrating that far too many creative men in the entertainment industry have been accused of some sort of abuse, sexual assault, or sexual misconduct, but they are also allowed to continue to have thriving careers while facing minimal consequences, if any at all, from their industry. Woody Allen is one of those men, and Kate Winslet is a frustrating example of Hollywood's ingrained, systemic sexism in action. 

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Reese Witherspoon Wants to Change the Way We Think About Ambitious Women

She also offers some great advice: "Run away from a man who can’t handle your ambition. Run."

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Learn How The Handmaid’s Tale Uses Shallow Focus to Create Its World of Intimate, Claustrophobic Oppression

In this video, The Nerdwriter (Evan Puschak) looks at how Emmy-nominated director Reed Morano "created an extremely concentrated aesthetic, one that is beautiful and terrifying at the same time" for The Handmaid's Tale.

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The Dangers of Writing Celebrities’ Stories Off as “Gossip”

One man's infidelity is gossip. A Hollywood powerhouse enjoying a reputation as an industry's great feminist proponent who allegedly uses that position to exploit the very societal ills he is meant to be fighting–that is news.

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Twitter Did Not Hold Back in Responding to James Cameron’s Wonder Woman Criticism

Sure, James Cameron. Let's talk about objectified female leads and "self-congratulatory back-patting." You seem to be an expert on both.

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BBC Put Together a List of the 100 Greatest Comedies of All Time, Apparently Forgot Women Exist

What moves a film from good to great in the eyes of a critic? What makes someone prefer Animal House to Clueless? Personal taste, sure. But we can't pretend that things like representation and unconscious bias don't play into that taste, and that "personal" taste isn't largely influenced by larger cultural trends.

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Yet Another Woman Steps Forward to Accuse Roman Polanski of Having Assaulted Her As a Minor

Many people would like to believe that instances of sexual assault are one-time offenses, but far too often they are indicative of a pattern of behavior. If you can do this to one person, it's likely you can do it to several people. This seems the case for director Roman Polanski.

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Johnny Depp Reportedly Nixed a Female Villain for Pirates 5 Because He Thought It Would Be “Redundant”

Warning: Hypocrisy rage inside.

By the time a franchise gets to its fifth installment, they have to work really hard not to be just completely redundant. Apparently, that's something Johnny Depp is aware of. Unfortunately, his idea for how to fix the problem is pretty infuriating.

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Binders At 2017 BinderCon Seek To Save World From A Bind

Pun shamelessly intended.

Be it with wit or seriousness, binders are here to stay and save the world, one word, one sketch, one storyboard, one shot, at a time.

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The Era of the Socially Acceptable (and Totally Misogynistic) Hatred of Anne Hathaway Is Finally at an End

Praise be!

Everyone has different tastes, and we all have actors we don't care for. We all meet personalities that rub us the wrong way. If Anne Hathaway isn't for you, that's fine. But we can't pretend like the widespread, mass-hating of Hathaway was rooted in anything but straight-up misogyny.And it looks like we don't have to anymore.

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Women and Hollywood Put a Spin on The Hamilton Mixtape to Talk About Representation and Work to Be Done

"Hollywood (Our Work Isn't Done)"

Women and Hollywood have released an awesome remix of The Hamilton Mixtape's "Immigrants (We Get the Job Done)" titled "Hollywood (Our Work Isn't Done)."

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Debra Messing’s Early-Career Stories of Harassment in Hollywood Really Should Be More Surprising

Debra Messing's first role in Hollywood came with stories of harassment and intimidation at the hands of her director. These stories should not be this common.

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Hulu Original Harlots Tells the Story of 18th Century Sex Work, All with Women Writers, Directors & Producers

The Hulu original series Harlots is a show with an all-female creative team, with the intent to frame "everything from the whore's eye view."

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Things We Saw Today: Confuse Yourself With This Westworld Mystery Question Supercut

If you're still reeling a little bit from that Westworld finale, you're not alone. So why don't you go ahead and really double down on that feeling by watching this incredible supercut of literally all of the mysterious questions posed throughout the show.

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