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I Don’t Know Anymore, Man: DC and Warner Bros. Working on “Gritty, 80s Crime Drama” Joker Origin Movie

Did you ask for this? I didn't ask for this.

DC and Warner Bros. just announced that they're looking to develop a movie based on the Joker, diving into the villain's origins and backstory.

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Patty Jenkins Reportedly Closing on “Historic” Deal to Direct Wonder Woman Sequel

Damn right.

Wonder Woman was, by all accounts, a massive hit, which has had us closely following whether or not its director, Patty Jenkins, would return for the sequel that Warner Bros. is suddenly very eager to get off the ground. As you'd expect, that level of success gives Jenkins a powerful negotiation tool, and she's now reportedly close to closing a deal to bring us the next installment in the franchise.

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Justice League Trailer Highlights Wonder Woman and the Amazons, Because DC Finally Knows What’s Up

There's a whole lotta Diana and some warring Amazons in the latest Justice League sneak peak. I'm liking your priorities, DC.

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Looks Like Ben Affleck Won’t Be the DCEU’s Movie Batman Much Longer

Batfleck no more!

Well that was over quickly. For all the furor over the "Batfleck" in the first place, it seems that Ben Affleck isn't going to be in the role of the caped crusader much longer. That probably has those who were never thrilled with the idea in the first place feeling pretty relieved, but what does it mean for the future of Batman in the DCEU?

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We Really Need to Talk About Wonder Woman 2 Being Set During the Cold War

Ever since details about Wonder Woman 2 started to leak out, I haven't been able to think about much else, and I keep wondering what this new era will mean for Diana and Co. Talk to me.

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Hell Yes We Want to See These New Wonder Woman 2 Details Come to Life

Get on it, Zeus.

Wonder Woman is still going strong in theaters, having just surpassed Deadpool at the domestic box office (with a fitting note of congratulations), and that success is already moving things forward on the sequel. We spent weeks not knowing whether Director Patty Jenkins would return (and we still don't), but now we've at least heard something about the sequel, and we're pretty excited abou it.

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Costume Designer Explains What’s So Great About the Wonder Woman Movie Armor

There are many, many things to like about Wonder Woman—so many that we're still talking about it weeks after the movie's debut.

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Wonder Woman Is Now the Highest-Grossing DCEU Movie in the U.S.

DC's current movie universe, the DCEU, has done fairly well at the box office despite a run of tepid to outright bad reviews for Man of SteelBatman v Superman, and Suicide Squad, but Wonder Woman continues to be a bright spot. In terms of domestic totals, Diana's big-screen debut now leads the pack with over $346,644,000.

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Now The Jetsons Is Getting a Live-Action Adaptation?

While really random, a live-action adaptation of The Jetsons has the potential to be really fun.

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Wonder Woman Set to Outpace BvS Domestically! So, What Gives With the Global Market?

BOYS, BYE. Wonder Woman is gearing up to lead the DCEU. Because, of course she is.

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Superman: Red Son Film Being Discussed at Warner Bros. During Interesting Political Times

Mark Millar's 2003 limited series Superman: Red Son may find new life at Warner Bros, and news of these discussions is certainly popping up in interesting political times.

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Twilight Zone Movie Finds Its Writer…and a New Format. Will It Work?

The Twilight Zone still stands as one of the best sci-fi/fantasy offerings of all time, and its original episodes still manage to be relevant today. So, it's no wonder that there have been several attempts at adaptation. Now, there's a new one in the works, and the project has just hired its writer!

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But Is She Directing Tho? Patty Jenkins Teaming Up With DC’s Geoff Johns on Wonder Woman 2 Treatment

First of all, water is wet. Secondly, after the success of Wonder Woman, a sequel is already in the works.

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The Internet Is up in Arms Over Gal Gadot’s Salary vs. Henry Cavill’s

A story quickly went viral that Gal Gadot was only paid $300k for Wonder Woman, whereas Henry Cavill received $14 million for Man of Steel.

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Wonder Woman‘s Best Battle Scene Almost Didn’t Make the Cut … Because Execs Didn’t Get It

Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman did an amazing job at balancing huge action set-pieces with earnest heart and emotion without being cheesy or ironic. One of the clearest examples of this was the moment in which Diana first dons her 'Wonder Woman' armor. It's a scene that's already iconic, and the film just came out. Hard to believe that this entire sequence almost didn't make the film! **SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN'T YET SEEN THE FILM**

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Google’s Got a Fun Wonder Woman Game to Teach Kids to Code

There are many ways in which superheroes can inspire kids, but what about going beyond moral lessons and teaching specific practical skills? Google's Made with Code is doing just that, and they're using the Wonder Woman movie to do it.

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Wonder Woman’s Official Review Scores Every Bit as Exciting as Early Reactions

Last week, the first round of reactions to Wonder Woman began to trickle in, and they were highly encouraging. Reviews were still under embargo, however, but now that the embargo has lifted, we've gotten a brand new, exciting round of declarations about the movie's quality, from "it's good" to "it's the best DCEU movie so far," and we couldn't be happier about it.

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Trolls of Women-Only Wonder Woman Screening Shut Down by Alamo Drafthouse

"What if there were a men-only screening!??!??!?" Stop.

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Things We Saw Today: Classic Spider-Man Theme Arrangement From Homecoming Composer Rules

Listen, bud.

With superheroes getting so many new on-screen iterations so quickly, there's a delicate balance between throwbacks and new directions that must be struck. Sam Raimi worked the oldschool Spider-Man theme into his first Spider-Man movie in a fun way, but this arrangement from the Spider-Man: Homecoming composer is awesome in its own, completely different way.

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Wonder Woman’s Incredible Fighting Skills Are on Full Display in New Movie Clips

We're just under two weeks away from the Wonder Woman movie debut, and early reactions have been encouragingly positive, but what we all really want to do is judge for ourselves. That's tough to do while we've only got trailers to go on, but these new clips, showing off the Amazon's fighting abilities without all the slick trailer tricks, should give you a bit more material—and we think you'll come away impressed.

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