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John Oliver Opens an Honest Conversation About Coal and Miners on Last Week Tonight

Donald Trump often talks about restoring the coal industry and being on the side of coal miners, but how true are his assertions?

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Science Proves Those Dumb Interview Questions We All Hate Were Stupid All Along

You know those interview questions that always make you wonder "What does the shape of a manhole cover have to do with this position?" or "I guess I wouldn't move Mount Fuji, as it seems fine where it is and I feel that would be a waste of my time." Well, good news and bad news. According to a study published in theĀ Journal of Applied Social Psychology, these questions are pretty much as useless as they've always felt and tell an interviewer exactly nothing abuot how a person will actually perform at the job in question. The bad news? They're probably not going away any time soon.

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1 in 6 Job Seekers Found Their Current Job on a Social Network

A recent survey by Jobvite suggests that 16% of Americans (or about 1 in 6) who are looking for another job found their most recent one via social media. That amounts to somewhere around 22 million Americans who found their last job not only online (which isn't too suprising nowadays) but on an actual social networking site. You might immediately think "Oh, of course, that's what LinkedIn is for," but actually, the majority of these lucky job-finders attribute their employment to Myspace Facebook. 78% percent of them, in fact.

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