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The Purple Man Is Back Messing With Jessica Jones’ Head in Season 2

Jessica Jones might've thought she did away with Kilgrave in the season 1 finale, but every comic book fan knows that you can't keep your worst nemesis down.

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New Sesame Street Initiative Teaches Children Strategies for Coping With Trauma

The initiative, titled Sesame Street in Communities comes out today with "[free] materials, including videos, books and games," to "help parents and caregivers, in turn, help young children cope with traumatic experiences."

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Arrival Provides a Blueprint for Facing Trauma

How do we go forward into the next four years knowing what trauma awaits so many?

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The Trauma of Trump: How Oppression Hurts Our Bodies—and How Allies Can Help

It’s imperative that we understand the election results as an assault, not only on our social progress, but on the survival and wellness of our bodies.

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Am I Becoming a Monster? How Tokyo Ghoul & Contracted Demonstrate the Horror of Healing From Trauma

Though most people would tell you Tokyo Ghoul should never be compared to Contracted, both stories look at how we view grief, acceptance, loss, fear, anger and moving on in eerily similar ways.

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Writing From the Id: How SyFy’s The Magicians Surpassed the Books by Depicting Realistic Trauma

I don’t think Grossman meant to have Julia be a "woman in a refrigerator" in his books. I think he believed he was killing his darling. But when given a second chance, Grossman and the TV writers armed her with tragic power and made her story better.

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