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How I Realized That Men Can Cook Thanksgiving Dinner

Somehow, in spite of the fact that this man cooked meals for me literally every day, the thought of him cooking a Thanksgiving feast was unthinkable.

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Thanksgiving Dance Party: 9 Songs to Crank Up in the Dining Room

Happy Thanksgiving! A long day in the kitchen necessitates a quality playlist, so we've got you covered.

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6 Tips for Navigating the Holidays When Your Family Is Bigoted

When a sense of despair overshadows normally festive days, how can we hope for comfort and peace–or hope at all?

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Rock On: Girl Scouts of America Join Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Get it? Rock? Cause it's kind of rock climbing themed.

This year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will see the Girl Scouts of America riding their own float in the parade.

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[VIDEO] The House of El: A Supergirl Thanksgiving

Welcome to The House of El, a new video series where I’ll go beyond the Supergirl recap, delve a little into the DC Comics source material and other incarnations of the character, and hone in on a topic from that week’s episode of CBS’ Supergirl that I find interesting, annoying, or that really sticks in my craw. Wherever my "craw" is.

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Let’s Speculate Wildly About Our Superheroes’ Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes, Bub!

Thanksgiving is all about gratefulness, cooperation, and stuffing your maw with delicious, delicious foods. In the spirit of teamwork and good eats, then, let's speculate together about what foods our favorite fictional super-powered folks might include on their table.

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A Very Mary Sue Holiday: Our Alternative Holiday Special Picks to Make Your Season Weird

A different kind of gift list—from us to you.

It's Thanksgiving! The start of the holiday season! (For most people. I start mine on November 1, but not everyone's into that for reasons lost on me.) Today, as you stuff your face full of all kinds of delicious food and get ready to knock down someone's grandpa at Walmart at midnight, take a peek at our recommendations for your off-the-beaten-path, geeky, just plain weird, or all-of-the-above holiday viewing.

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TURKEYDOME: The Mary Sue Definitively Ranks Their Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes

Highly scientific polling, of course. Spared no expense.

Remember where you are--this is Turkeydome, and hungry mouths are listening, and will take the first dish that screams.

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Listen Up, Ya Turkeys! Recipe Ideas for a Very Nerdy Thanksgiving

Looks like meat is back on the menu.

I know that for myself, cooking or decorating on a theme can help me get more excited for a project. In that vein, I've cobbled together some geeky resources and recipe ideas for cooking a Thanksgiving meal that will be just as much fun to create as it is to eat. Accio grub!

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Happy Friendsgiving: 5 Lessons From Pop Culture About Spending Holidays Away From Home

These days, more and more of us are moving farther and farther away from our families for various reasons and can't always "get home" for holidays. The family of the 21st century is made up of friends, so when you celebrate Friendsgiving, you are celebrating with family.

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This Thanksgiving, Explore The Chemistry Of Eating Too Much

We think you might need this right about now.

Sure, the physical size and stretchiness of your stomach has a lot to do with why you probably feel like a turkey-filled Macy's Day balloon right now. But the American Chemical Society's Reactions series wants you to know that a lot of it also has to do with chemicals—and not just the oft-demonized tryptophan, either. Unbutton your pants and join us for some science!

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BREAKING: Tiny Hamster Has Great, Tiny Thanksgiving [VIDEO]

Hamster compliments to the chef.

And he's having the best kind of Thanksgiving: the kind with family and friends.

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Eating Green, Unripe Peas Was Once Considered Madness and 22 Other Thanksgiving Food Facts

9/10 kids—or one full-grown blogger—agree that eating peas is madness.

"This is madness!" "THIS. IS. THANKSGIVING." *Kick.*

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If Famous Artists Cooked Thanksgiving Dinner, This Is What It Would Look Like

It's the day before Thanksgiving; do you know where your turkey is?

Artist Hannah Rothstein has an appropriately seasonal art history lesson for all of us: a gallery of traditional Thanksgiving meals, plated in the style of various modern (and not so modern) artists.

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The Gobble Games: Where Turkeys Duke It Out for the Presidential Pardon

May the odds be ever in your flavor.

Only one turkey a year is pardoned in the Capitol, surviving the fierce turkey bloodbath the human-body-privileged citizens of this nation call "Thanksgiving." The turkeys must fear their governing body, so they must fight to the death to determine who will survive this November.

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Two Shoppers Camping Out for Black Friday at Best Buy Already. Yes, Really.

I heard next year's Black Friday line starts this Christmas Eve.

What I can't figure out is why you'd go to such great lengths just to be the person who gets squashed against the door and incapacitated before it even starts.

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Watch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Give Columbus Day the Skewering It So Rightly Deserves

Well you have to have mattress sales sometime.

"Columbus Day," asks Last Week Tonight with John Oliver—"How is that still a thing?" For the non-Americans in the audience, this is when we celebrate the time a guy "discovered" a continent that had already been discovered, then proceeded to kill a whole bunch of people. America! I'm going to celebrate heathen Canadian Thanksgiving instead, thank you very much.

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Things We Saw Today: Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Celebrate Thanksgiving

Things We Saw Today

Ugh. These two. They do Thanksgiving better than anyone else, and they're not even American. (Twitter)

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What to Do With All Those Leftovers? The “Leftover Swap” App Has Your Back

It's like a freegan dream.

It's the day after Thanksgiving, so it's a safe bet you have a ton of leftover food sitting in your fridge. If you want to unload the two pounds of Grandma's stuffing you've got on hand before it goes bad, why not give Leftover Swap a try. It's an app that connects leftovers with people who want to eat someone else's leftovers.

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Thanksgiving Protip: Saying Turkey Makes You Sleepy Makes You Sound Like a Jerk

This myth is tired. Let's put it to bed. See what we did there?

Turkey doesn't make you sleepy. It doesn't. Stop saying it does, because it doesn't. Yes, turkey has tryptophan. Yes, tryptophan is used as a sleep aid. NO. Turkey does not make you sleepy. Don't believe us? Here's Aaron Carol of the YouTube show Healthcare Triage to explain just why this myth is so completely not true.

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