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Review: Tacoma Poignantly Examines Our Memories and the Things We Leave Behind When We’re Gone

Fullbright's Tacoma reminds us that we are, all of us, stories in the end.

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Games with Female Characters Can’t Succeed? Bloodstained and These Other Indie Titles Prove Big Developers Wrong

E3 recently passed and featured a decent showing of games with either exclusively female leads, or games that included the option to choose between a man and a woman. Maybe that’s a sign more companies are listening to all the players who are asking why games can’t be more inclusive. Still, there are plenty of companies that don’t seem comfortable giving players more options. Maybe that discomfort is fear that female characters wouldn’t sell, or preconceived ideas of what roles women can have.

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Most Boring Vigilante Group Ever Paints Illegal Crosswalks on Busy Tacoma Street

They fight for Truth, Justice, and the American right-of-way.

A street in Downtown Tacoma, Washington has seen a recent spike in traffic accidents, and apparently the city hasn't done much to quell the concerns of locals in that area. Enter a group that calls itself "Citizens for a Safer Tacoma," who have taken it upon themselves to spray-paint their own crosswalks to keep pedestrians safe from cars. Naturally, city officials frowns upon this sort of behavior and have promised to prosecute anyone caught making these "rogue crosswalks," but that's a small price to pay for some literal street justice. Batman would be so proud.

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