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Suspected “Swatting” Caller Charged with Involuntary Manslaughter for Deadly Kansas Incident

Tyler Rai Barriss of California was charged with involuntary manslaughter and interference with law enforcement for his alleged involvement in the SWATting incident that left a man dead in Wichita, Kansas.

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Police Killed a Man During a Swatting Hoax

A man is dead because a stranger lost a video game

On Thursday night, Wichita police shot and killed Andrew Finch after he was SWATted as part of a Call of Duty dispute that he himself wasn't even involved in.

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SXSW Makes Progress With Anti-Harassment Summit, but There’s Still Room for Improvement

In the ye olde age of 2015, SXSW got in some hot water for their decision to cancel two panels related to online harassment and gaming culture after they received violent threats from people who were very HOW DARE about... umm... people saying "hey, maybe we should talk about these violent threats happening on the Internet."

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Congresswoman Who Spoke Out Against Gamergate and Online Harassment Targeted by Swatters

Rep. Katherine Clark, the Boston Congresswoman who has been working tirelessly since last year to ensure the Department of Justice treats online harassment and abuse with the severity it deserves, was targeted in a shooting hoax Sunday night at her home.

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Teen Gamer Pleads Guilty to “Swatting” Female Gamers Who Turned Down His Advances

*Incoherent screaming.*

This is where the commonly espoused wisdom of "just turn the guy down"/"just ignore him" meets the harsh reality of "some entitled dudes do crazy things when women don't do what they want."

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19-Year-Old Swatter Faces 5 Years in Prison; Army Veteran Swatted Mid-Stream on Twitch

Today in "stuff that shouldn't fit right into our gaming tag..."

In addition to featuring prominently in Law and Order's upcoming Gamergate episode, the practice of swatting (falsifying claims with the aim of sending armed law enforcement to a target's house) is gaining more national attention following the raid of 27-year-old veteran and Twitch streamer Joshua Peters' home and the unrelated arrest of 19-year-old swatter Brandon Wilson.

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What Could Be Worse Than Minecraft’s Creepers? How About the SWAT Team?

It turns out that there is a little game that some people connected to this great series of tubes like to play. It's called "SWATing" and it involves calling law enforcement officers on the home of someone who irritated you on the Internet. On June 17, 16-year-old Jacob Neumann's home was surrounded by heavily armed police officers for banning a Minecraft player from the server he was administrating.

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