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Disney+ Ad About Shipping Forgets That Two Characters Are Famously Related

Talk about keeping it in the family.

Han Solo looking confused in Star Wars Return of the Jedi when Leia tells him that she and Luke are siblings.

It seems whoever is running the Disney+ social media account didn’t check their sources before posting this new ad all about shipping some iconic couples that can be found on the platform—that or someone was making a pretty solid Star Wars joke.

Twitter user Will Marlowe posted the sponsored ad with the caption, “FFS, Disney. Who did you hire to work on social media?? If you don’t see it right away, keep looking folks.” And I’m not gonna lie, at first, I couldn’t see the problem because I read all of the couples’ names before looking at their pictures. When I took a closer look, I couldn’t help but let out a YIKES!

In case you’re not a big Star Wars fan, let me explain why this is such a blunder: in the bottom left corner, you can see two people lovingly gazing at one another. They are labeled as Han Solo and Princess Leia, the ultimate Stars Wars couple. The problem is the man in the picture is not Han Solo, it’s Luke Skywalker. And, to make matters worse, Luke is not a friend of Leia’s or even a co-worker—he’s her brother! And her twin brother at that!

Although I couldn’t find a confirmation that this is an ad many people have seen (and trust me, I looked everywhere), it wouldn’t be the first time that a media company has completely forgotten the lore of their own characters. Besides, it’s beyond funny to think of the poor intern who had to explain to their manager that Disney+ accidentally agreed with twincest.

Not only that, but this has been somewhat of a running gag among Star Wars fans for a while, considering even the movies themselves got a bit awkward with this sibling connection that wasn’t originally part of the plan—and you can kind of tell.

Let this be a lesson to everyone: Always check your work or else you might promote the wrong kind of familial relations!

(featured image: Lucasfilm)

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