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Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi

ISS Astronauts Win for Coolest Star Wars: The Last Jedi Screening Location: Outer Space

Astronauts: confirmed best nerds.

We're all gearing up to finally see The Last Jedi and get our fix of Rey's continued journey, Poe xFinn, Carrie Fisher, and (finally) Mark Hamill back in action—except for Kaila, who's seen it already and is sworn to spoiler secrecy—at various points this weekend, and we're not the only ones. Even the ISS astronauts are getting ready to host their own screening in the movie's natural habitat: space.

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The Last Jedi Includes a Dedication to Carrie Fisher, In Case You Thought This Movie Wouldn’t Utterly Destroy You

The Last Jedi reportedly includes a touching tribute to everyone's favorite hero-princess-general at the end of the film. So have those Kleenex ready, folks.

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Early Reactions to Star Wars: The Last Jedi Hold Tantalizing Hints About the Movie

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is finally, finally here on Thursday, but some lucky people got to see its world premiere over the weekend, so we can live vicariously through them, for now. Details are light at this point, which is a good thing, but the early impressions are in, and they're about as positive as you'd expect.

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Do Jedis Get Paid? Is Kelly Marie Tran Real? The Last Jedi Cast Answers the Internet’s Most-Searched Questions

Do Jedi choose their lightsaber colors? How did Rey beat Kylo Ren? Was Finn a clone? The internet has asked these questions and more, and the Last Jedi cast sat down with Wired to answer them.

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Kelly Marie Tran, the Daughter of Refugees, Couldn’t Help Crying with Joy at the Last Jedi Premiere

At last night's Star Wars: The Last Jedi premiere in Los Angeles, Kelly Marie Tran couldn't help crying tears of joy as she took in where she was. Daisy Ridley was on hand to comfort her.

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Things We Saw Today: We Know When Jessica Jones Is Coming Back, and We’ve Got a New Trailer!

We've got a new trailer for Season Two of Jessica Jones, and a release date! The new season will land on Netflix on March 8, 2018, and it looks like it will deal just as heavily with trauma and recovery as the first did.

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Since A New Hope, Women Have Gone from Speaking 6% of the Dialogue in Star Wars to 28%

In 1977, only 6.3% of the dialogue in A New Hope was spoken by women, and none of it was spoken by people of color. In 2015, women had 28% of the dialogue in The Force Awakens, and people of color had 37.5%. Hopefully, The Last Jedi does even better.

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Giveaway: IMAX and Funko Pop! Want to Give You the Best Star Wars: The Last Jedi Experience Ever

Some of you might already have your tickets for Star Wars: The Last Jedi next week, but whether you do or don't, I'm sure you wouldn't mind getting your hands on this super-sweet prize pack, courtesy of IMAX and Funko Pop, who want to provide you with the best Last Jedi experience possible!

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The Last Jedi Will Break Our Hearts Even More With Alien Version of Carrie Fisher’s Dog


You may be aware that Carrie Fisher had a wonderful dog, Gary Fisher. If not, you've been missing out, and you can rectify the situation immediately over at Gary's Instagram. (Gary now lives with Fisher's assistant.) While The Last Jedi may serve as a way for a lot of us to say goodbye to Carrie Fisher, it's also apparently giving Gary the chance to indirectly get in on his mom's final film role.

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Kelly Marie Tran Sorts Star Wars Characters Into Their Hogwarts Houses

With some surprise Slytherins!

Kelly Marie Tran leaned into her Harry Potter nerddom by sorting various Star Wars characters, including Luke, Leia, Finn, Poe, R2-D2, and her own character Rose Tico.

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Everything You Need to Know Before You See Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Unless you’ve been living in isolation on Ahch-To for the past six years, you probably know that we’re just days away from the release of The Last JediThe Last Jedi is a Star Wars movie, and it’s going to have Skywalkers and lightsabers and the Millennium Falcon and even porgs, whatever the heck they are. Hooray! But what is it going to be about?

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Laura Dern Professes Her Love to BB-8, and the Women of The Last Jedi Profess Their Love of Carrie Fisher

The Force was strong in Los Angeles this weekend during a press conference for the highly-anticipated Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which comes out NEXT WEEK. And during that press conference, we got to see at least one love affair in full-bloom. I'm talking, of course, about the one between Laura Dern and BB-8.

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Things We Saw Today: The Last Jedi Actors’ Awesome Training Montage

As part of the hype machine for The Last Jedi, Disney and Lucasfilm have released a video of the actors training for their fight scenes, and it'll totally make you want to pick up a mop and start fake lightsaber-ing around my room.

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John Boyega Has Declared Himself A Traitor to #PorgNation

You're still our fave, though, John.

The always lovable John Boyega has shocked and betrayed us all, declaring that he did not like the porgs on Jimmy Kimmel Live. "I just naturally don't like them," he said. "I don't."

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The Last Jedi Will Clock in as the Longest Star Wars Movie Ever Made. Is That a Good Thing?

Rian Johnson's turn in the director's chair is hopefully excellent, but what we know for sure is that it is will take up a significant chunk of your time.

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We’ve Got New Details About Paige Tico and Her Fellow Resistance Pilots, And Oh No I’m Already Shipping Two of Them

The Last Jedi expansion set for Top Trumps has revealed new details about Paige Tico and her fellow Resistance fighters, Tallie Lintra and Nix.

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The Last Jedi‘s “Off-Kilter” Admiral Holdo Will Fight Both the First Order and Stereotypes About Female Leadership

Laura Dern's Last Jedi character, the purple-haired Admiral Amilyn Holdo, will reportedly butt heads with Poe Dameron as she defies stereotypes about female bosses.

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The Last Jedi Will Deal With Some Very Empire Themes

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, director Rian Johnson said The Last Jedi "is very much about Rey trying to figure out how she fits into all this."

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Princes William and Harry to Keep John Boyega Under Royal Guard in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Force Awakens was full of random cameos under all that stormtrooper armor, including the likes of Daniel Craig and Kevin Smith. It seems that this tradition will continue into Star Wars: The Last Jedi with a couple of royal stand-ins.

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Kelly Marie Tran Wore Her “Lucky Ravenclaw Tie” to The Last Jedi Auditions, and I Can’t

Needing the luck and having never seen a Star Wars film, Kelly Marie Tran showed up to her first Last Jedi audition wearing a sweater vest and her lucky Ravenclaw tie.

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