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United Nations Invites Lynda Carter to Celebrate “Wonder Woman Day,” Plus USPS Unveils Wonder Woman Stamps

All Wonder Woman all the time. Forever. And ever.

The United Nations has invited Lynda Carter to help ring in the first Wonder Woman Day on October 21st.

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US Postal Service Celebrates Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary (and Other Space-Related Stuff) With New Stamps

With Star Trek turning fifty, we've got Star Trek Beyond coming out in July and Creation Entertainment's Star Trek 50 Convention in Las Vegas in August to look forward to, as well as countless other celebrations worldwide. Now, the US Postal Service is doing what it does best when it comes to celebrating anything: releasing commemorative stamps.

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Things We Saw Today: Patrick Stewart Played Humperdinck in a Live-Read of The Princess Bride


Boy, suddenly I wish I was at TIFF: according to The Hollywood Reporter, Jason Reitman hosted a live-read of The Princess Bride that starred Rob Reiner as The Grandpa, Rachel McAdams as Buttercup, Donald Glover as Vizzini, and Patrick Stewart as Humperdinck. Cary Elwes also reprised his role as Westley, because he does what we wish. […]

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Former Postmaster General Calls Harry Potter Stamps “Prostitution” In Textbook Example Of Muggle Curmudgeonliness

Clutch your pearls, world! Here comes Harry!

LOL, stamps. What are they good for? Do you use them to mail your phonograph to a time traveler? Adorn the walls of your tribe's cave? Burn them to protest the relentless march of modernity? Well a Mr. Benjamin F. Bailar does none of things. The eighty-year-old Bailar served as Post Master General from 1975-1978, and was a proud member of America's Citizen Advisory Stamp Committee--that is until recently, when he resigned over the national disgrace that is Harry Potter.

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U.K. to Commemorate Doctor Who 50th Anniversary With Stamps

Sometimes I forget that stamps are still a thing, because we live in the future now, but then something tremendous happens in regards to stamps that reminds me of their existence. The United Kingdom's Royal Mail service is commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who with a series of stamps featuring all 11 doctors. There's even a miniature sheet featuring the TARDIS, Daleks, the Ood, Cybermen and Weeping Angels. Sadly they'll only be available in the U.K., and I imagine they'll sell out quickly. Perhaps even sadder, there's no K-9 stamp. Poor little guy can't get any love.

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Buy a Pokémon Stamp to Grade Your Papers, Be a Hip Teacher

You can now buy the most easily useable, easily understandable, and frequently applicable meme from the Pokémon universe on a stamp, specifically for marking students' work. If you wanted a quick and easy way to identify with your students -- both the young'uns who play Pokémon and the old'uns who enjoy the meme (and also play Pokémon) -- you could spend twelve bucks on this Pokémon stamp and let your students know that they did well on their work and you are also hip to their jive.

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UK Royal Mail Releases Stamp Set Featuring Famous Wizards, Witches, Enchanters

From the UK's Royal Mail, the above set of stamps features some of the most (currently) famous wizards, witches and enchanters. Featuring characters from Harry Potter, Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, the legends of King Arthur, and characters from the Narnia series. Who else is thrilled The Luggage makes an appearance? He follows his owner everywhere, after all. Head past the break to see a larger version of the set.

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Danish Mail to Trade Stamps for Text Messages

Danish philatelists (look it up) will soon be in mourning as the country's post office has announced their intention to offer a digital alternative to postage stamps starting on April 1, 2011. Instead of affixing adhesive squares for proof of payment on letters, the new system will rely on text messages. The system seems similar to systems in the U.S. which allow people to make charitable donations by sending a text to a pre-set number. The charge is then added to their monthly bill, and the money sent to the organization indicated by the sender. The only difference with the postage code system is that after the text is sent, the user receive a special code which they write on the envelope. The code is scanned at mail sorting facilities, and canceled just like a stamp. Those philatelists I mentioned earlier might see this as the beginning of the end for postage stamps, and mourn the passing of the artistic little squares. However, I would point out that with this new system, anything you want could be made a stamp. A sticker, a painting, a drawing made by the sender themselves. The possibilities are endless. The hope is that offering a digital payment system will make it easier to send mail, and perhaps increase system usage. Digital stamps first debuted in Germany, and now Sweden is also looking at starting a similar program later this year, and perhaps success in these two countries will make other postal systems consider adopting it. Now, it is worth pointing out that while I've seen many sources corroborating the story, the fact that it is scheduled to be begin on April 1st gives me pause. It is extremely unlikely that someone would stage so elaborate a prank based around the Danish postal system, but if that turns out to be the case: we warned you. (The Local via The Daily What, image via Tecca)

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