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Not Black Fridayed Out Yet? Check Out This Gear From Our Buddies at SportsGrid

Still in shopping mode today? We can't blame you. Having done most of our Christmas purchasing online today, we're still very much in the zone. If you're in the same boat, we'd urge you to take a minute and check out the online store over at SportsGrid. This poster -- an infographic breaking down and charting the etymology of a great many different baseball team names -- in particular is pretty high on our wish list. Courtesy of the fine folks over at Pop Chart Labs, this handy infographic can ensure you never have to struggle to recall the name of a team again. Whether they're MLB standbys like the Angels or more obscure clubs like the Casper Ghosts (get it?), they're all here, and all organized for your convenience. Because if there's one thing we love about the great American pastime, it's how easy it is to get super nerdy over it.

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NBA Players as Marvel Superheroes

ESPN The Magazine will feature basketball players alongside iconic characters from the Marvel Universe in what is being billed as an “epic quest for hoops supremacy.” We spot The Hulk, The Thing, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and more: >>>Details at SportsGrid.

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Chinese Gymnast Survives Motorcycle Crash With Insane Flip In The Air [Video]

What happens when you’re riding a motorcycle and crash into a pickup truck? Well, it would help if you could do this: This man is apparently a gymnast of sorts and did the flip intentionally. And then he casually walks back into view, mourning the loss of his Yamaha. Whoa. >>>Video at SportsGrid.

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A Dr. Seuss Book About Sports

Our more active friends over at SportsGrid have the scoop on one project dreamt up by Theodore Geisel that was abandoned before completion: A Dr. Seuss book about sports. The rough draft is currently up for auction.

Seuss ultimately decided against publishing the title because “the negative image of [Pete] flubbing and unable to catch any ball at all will make him look like a schnook.”
Ah... gym class memories. >>> Read it at SportsGrid

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This Video Does Not Need Any More Gary Busey

Vitamin Water has launched a new ad campaign starring Gary Busey as a fantasy football lawyer. Technically, he’s a crazy fantasy football lawyer, but I figured you knew that “crazy” was a prerequisite to anything Gary Busey does.

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Meet College Basketball’s Three-Fingered Shooting Guard

Jason Hall was born with only three fingers on each hand, but that hasn’t stopped him from earning a basketball scholarship from the Kentucky Wesleyan Panthers. Yes, this will be one of those moments when you feel bad for not doing more with what you have.

Hall was featured today on ESPN’s First Take, and his story is pretty remarkable. He was born with only three fingers on each hand, and after having a number of surgeries, took up basketball. This, understandably, wasn’t easy.

>>> SportsGrid has the video on this remarkable young athlete.


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Geekolinks: 6/21

ESPN Officially Partners With XBox 360 for Streaming HD Video

The long-rumored potential deal between ESPN and Microsoft’s XBox 360 to stream sporting events on the console is official.

The deal will bring 3500 sporting events to the XBox (with most in HD), accessible live or on demand. The feature offers extras like instant fan polling and trivia questions during games if desired. Plus, if you’re an XBox Live gold subscriber (about $50/year), you’ll get this feature at no additional cost.

Read more at SportsGrid.

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The Best Stanley Cup Replica Made of 1,000 Pieces of Cake You’ve Seen Today

We will admit that we aren't the biggest sports fans out there, unless you count CCGs as a sport -- you'll have to check out our blogging brethren at SportsGrid for that -- but we were pretty impressed with this Stanley Cup replica made of more than 1,000 pieces of sweet Tastykake product in honor of the NHL's Stanley Cup finals. You know you're doing it right when you need a luggage cart to move your cake-mass.

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The New Wave of Sports Reporters: Robots

Good news! Robbie Allen of the excellent sports statistics site thinks he might have tapped into the wave of the future in sports journalism. Bad news! The wave of the future involves computers doing the work of humans. Yes, that's right, Allen is working on a system to generate "completely automated sports content," which will be packaged in blog posts - posts he wants readers to believe were created by humans.

But before you frantically head down to your bunker and await the human vs. robot apocalypse, let Allen explain.

One of the nice attributes of algorithmic content is that it can be improved over time. A blogger/writer's internal script is pretty much set. They generally don't change or improve the quality or comprehensiveness of their content over time in a significant way, but algorithms can be upgraded continuously. The "voice" of the content can be improved.

Point: computers.

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