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Facebook Finally Kills Sponsored Stories, Feel Free to “Like” Brand Pages to Your Heart’s Delight

Now you're only partially their dancing advertisement monkey!

Recently Facebook announced that they will be consolidating their 27 different types of advertising into less than half that amount. Luckily for those of us still using the site, this means that the "Sponsored Story" post, which makes it look like you're recommending certain brands and products on your feed even though you really aren't, will soon be a thing of the past. Not that Facebook cares all that much about whether it's putting words in your mouth -- they're just sick of how much we complain about this type of ad. See, sometimes whining about our problems does actually solve them!

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Not a Hoax: Facebook Might Have to Give You Ten Bucks

Yesterday a friend of mine told me about the very convincing bit of spam he received from someone posing as Facebook's legal department telling him he is part of a class action lawsuit. Turns out, it's not spam. Facebook just settled a class action lawsuit for $20 million and is looking to pay out. There won't be much left if the 150 million U.S. Facebook users claim their cut, but it's better than nothing. Although, if too many people file claims, then nobody gets anything.

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