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Mark Zuckerberg Comes Out Against SOPA, PIPA

Up until now, Facebook has been pretty quietly anti-SOPA. Sure, they've been anti-SOPA from the start, but in a very reserved, quietly private way. They wouldn't just up and tell you; you'd have to look into yourself. For instance, they were one of the Internet giants who took out that full page ad, and one of the ones who wrote that letter. They were even one of the companies reportedly considering the nuclear option. Nonetheless, they hadn't public addressed users, until today.

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MPAA Releases Statement About Blackouts, World Gags on Irony

So the MPAA did release a statement saying they were now against DNS blocking. Of course, just like our buddy Representative Lamar Smith who brought back SOPA after seeming to back off, the MPAA is right back to flailing its arms and pouting in the face of the SOPA blackouts. Here, this tweet from sister-group the RIAA does a good job of setting the general mood. Yesterday, the MPAA released a statement that is so self-absorbed, so self-serving, so wrought with irony that I'm not even going to bother providing any further commentary. It speaks for itself.

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Herpderpedia is a Front Row Seat to the Confusion Surrounding the Wikipedia Blackout

When I first read that the Wikipedia blackout was happening, I wished that I could just pull a up lawn chair on the Wikipedia homepage and spend the day watching the bewildered faces of everyone who had no clue what was going on as they lashed out in anger, fear, and frustration. Now, thanks to @herpderpedia, I can. And so can you.

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SOPA is Back in Action and Off the “Shelf” Just In Time for the Blackouts

It should come as no surprise that SOPA has come back off its proverbial "shelf" but feel free to be surprised that it came back so fast. A mere 4 days after announcing he was dropping the DNS blocking provisions of the bill and putting it on the shelf until a "consensus" was reached, Representative Lamar Smith has brought SOPA back out to play, and just in time for the January 18th SOPA blackouts.

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Google to Display Anti-SOPA Message During Blackout

It's official, tomorrow's anti-SOPA protest has reached its height: Google will be displaying an anti-SOPA message during the blackout. Google will not actually be blacking out, but instead will display a link to an anti-SOPA, anti-PIPA message on its homepage, presumably in the form of a Google Doodle, but they haven't said explicitly.

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Mojang, Cheezburger Network, Destructoid to Join Reddit in SOPA Blackout

Rumors of SOPA protest blackouts have been swirling around like crazy as of late. Wikipedia was, and may still be, considering a blackout. Reportedly, a number of Internet giants are debating the same action. That being the case, it was a big deal when reddit finally got the ball rolling by confirming a January 18th protest blackout. Since then, the ball has continued to roll, picking up Mojang, the Cheezburger Network, and Destructoid.

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Internet Giants Reportedly Considering "Nuclear Option" Blackout To Protest SOPA

With the culmination of the SOPA hearings conveniently postponed until sometime in January, the tech world gained a little bit of time to prepare and execute some anti-SOPA demonstrations. Wikipedia had been considering a protest blackout that, as of yet, has not come to fruition and, according to reports by CNET, other Internet giants including Google, Twitter, and Facebook may be considering the "nuclear option" as well. The reports are derived from a quote by Markham Erickson head of the NetCoalition trade association that calls the aforementioned companies members.  "There have been some serious discussions about that," Erickson says. "It has never happened before."

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