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Sonequa Martin-Green Drops Some Tidbits From the Set of Star Trek: Discovery Season Two

If you were watching Season One of Star Trek: Discovery, you know that it ended with a cliffhanger that very definitively (if Sarek being a recurring character and Burnham being his adopted child didn't do that already) tied the show to Original Series canon. Now, Discovery star Sonequa Martin-Green gives us some insight into where the show is headed in Season Two.

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This S2 Star Trek: Discovery Behind-the-Scenes Video Is Serving Captain Pike Realness

Get excited, Trekkies! Star Trek: Discovery Season Two has officially gone into production, and the team behind the show released the above video on social media to celebrate the arrival of the U.S.S. Enterprise and one Captain Christopher Pike.

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Gina Rodriguez, Sonequa Martin-Green, and Other Powerful Women in TV Emphasize Jobs as #TIMESUP’s Next Step

CBS held its first-ever "Eye Speak" summit in L.A. yesterday, which gathered powerful women both in front of and behind the camera at CBS Studios productions for an in-depth discussion about how to empower, inspire and provide opportunities for women in the television industry. The consensus seemed to be that not only do men need to provide women more jobs in the industry, but that women need to emphasize providing them for each other.

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Sonequa Martin-Green Owns Piers Morgan on Gender Fluidity With Vulcan-Like Intellect

Sonequa Martin-Green who plays Michael Burnham on Star Trek: Discovery, was a guest on Good Morning Britain and spoke about her experience with being a part of this wonderful Trekkie world. "I love all the political themes we're exploring," she told Piers Morgan and his co-host Susanna Reid. Then, they started talking about gender-fluidity.

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Star Trek: Discovery’s Female Lead Character Is Named Michael Burnham and I Can’t Stop Thinking About It

Names have power: just ask Rumpelstiltskin. As someone with a longstanding interest in the meaning of names, the first thing that caught my attention while watching Discovery was that the first officer played by Sonequa Martin-Green has a traditionally masculine name. I had to know more.

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The Cast of Star Trek: Discovery Took a Knee Against Racial Injustice

I imagine that the cast of Star Trek: Discovery made the spirit of creator Gene Roddenberry—along with legions of fans—even prouder when they knelt en masse to protest the ongoing issues of racial injustice and police brutality in America.

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All the Things I Loved About Star Trek: Discovery, Despite One Huge Disappointment

Here's the truly disappointing thing.

Last night was the night that Trekkies all over the world were waiting for! Star Trek: Discovery had its two-hour premiere! Two hours, you ask? Yes indeedly. If you were only watching the CBS broadcast, you only saw what ended up being the first half of the pilot. Hour two was uploaded exclusively to CBS All Access, and it was well worth taking in on the new platform.

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These Star Trek: Discovery Pics Showcase Diversity…and J.J. Abrams Lens Flares

Star Trek: Discovery is almost upon us, and I couldn't be more excited! Check out new cast photos after the jump!

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There’s A Whole Lot of Exploding in the Latest Star Trek: Discovery Trailer

The SDCC trailer for Star Trek: Discovery taught us more about First Officer Michael Burnham and her background, and it also showed us a whole bunch of explosions.

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We. Are. So. Here. For. This. Star. Trek. Discovery. Trailer. Let’s Talk About All the Cool New Stuff!

Yesterday was a big day for Trek fans. Not only did we get a first image from the production, but at the CBS Upfront presentation, the network championed their upcoming offering, Star Trek: Discovery, with some pretty big reveals—not the least of which is the first trailer after the jump!

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Women of Trek Finally Front and Center in First Look at Star Trek: Discovery

While the road to Star Trek: Discovery has been tumultuous to say the least, we're still excited for many reasons. First, because we're Trekkies, and any new Trek is reason for celebration, but also because this particular installment puts not only women, but women of color front and center. I mean, just look at that majesty above. This is the first official image the production has released, the first impression the show wants to make, and it is beautiful.

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Sonequa Martin-Green’s Star Trek: Discovery Character Has a Unique, Intriguing Name

If you're a fan of both Star Trek and The Walking Dead, it's likely that, up until now, you've been wondering how they'd handle Sonequa Martin-Green's character on one to make way for the other. Now that this question has been answered with relation to The Walking Dead, the name and rank of her character on Star Trek: Discovery has been revealed.

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Star Trek: Discovery Finds Its New Captain in The OA‘s (and Harry Potter‘s) Jason Isaacs

It all started with an errant tweet. Jason Isaacs tweeted some important Star Trek: Discovery news that he probably shouldn't have.

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Uh Oh. Star Trek: Discovery Just Got Delayed, With No New Premiere Date in Sight

Star Trek: Discovery, the upcoming CBS TV show starring Sonequa Martin-Green of The Walking Dead, was on track to premiere in May of this year. Unfortunately, though, that premiere date has just gotten pushed back... indefinitely. Or, at least, there's no new announced premiere date on the horizon.

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Walking Dead’s Sonequa Martin-Green Cast as Lead in New Star Trek: Discovery TV Series!

To boldly go.

We finally have a lead actor for the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery TV series, and she's everything we could've hoped for. Welcome The Walking Dead's Sonequa Martin-Green as your next lead Star Trek actor!

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Interview: The Walking Dead’s Sonequa Martin-Green Talks Diversity On TV And The Secret Life Of Sasha

You may remember 29-year-old actress Sonequa Martin-Green as Alicia’s assistant on The Good Wife, or perhaps as Once Upon a Time’s anti-magic villain Tamara. But it’s her role as badass Sasha on AMC’s comic book-inspired series The Walking Dead that has finally made her a famous face.

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The Walking Dead-Themed “Walker Stalker Cruise” Launches in January

The Floating Dead.

Are you a hardcore fan of The Walking Dead? So hardcore that you'd be willing to be trapped on a cruise ship with a bunch of walkers out in the middle of the ocean? OK, this isn't quite that, but the upcoming Walker Stalker Cruise should still allow you to immerse yourself in your fandom!

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