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Sonequa Martin-Green Owns Piers Morgan on Gender Fluidity With Vulcan-Like Intellect

Sonequa Martin-Green who plays Michael Burnham on Star Trek: Discovery, was a guest on Good Morning Britain and spoke about her experience with being a part of this wonderful Trekkie world. “I love all the political themes we’re exploring,” she told Piers Morgan and his co-host, Susanna Reid. During the interview, Martin-Green talked about how her character’s traditionally male name came from many different origins in the creative process (Fuller gives all of his female characters traditionally male names).

But for her, it was decided that she was named after the father who passed away. For Martin-Green her character having a male name carried on the tradition of Star Trek‘s progressive politics and indicates the idea of there being more gender fluidity in the future where a daughter can be named after a father and vice-versa.

So, of course, Piers Morgan had to say something. Beginning by saying that he is a big supporter of transgender rights, Morgan continued by saying that he is “very confused and unsettled by gender fluidity” and asked Martin-Green for her further thoughts on the issue.

Now as Martin-Green is not genderfluid herself this question could have led to some real messiness, but like the awesome queen she is, Martin-Green’s answer was sharp and elegant:

“I don’t think anyone can speak on it in… those sort of personal terms because it is such an individual, sensitive, highly personal thing. And everyone has a right to their individual, highly personal things. That’s part of being a human being. At least that’s the way it should be.”

When asked by Morgan if Martin-Green would be alright with her son being genderfluid, she again handled herself with Vulcan-like calm, “I think that is something we have to deal with now. I think that… well, I couldn’t say that I didn’t like it, because if that’s what he truly believed. Do you know what I’m saying? I have to support that, because I love him unconditionally.”

Morgan’s response to the statements? “Logical.” Now that is something we can all agree on.

(via Digital Spy, image: Screengrab)

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