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Yet Another Woman Steps Forward to Accuse Roman Polanski of Having Assaulted Her As a Minor

Many people would like to believe that instances of sexual assault are one-time offenses, but far too often they are indicative of a pattern of behavior. If you can do this to one person, it's likely you can do it to several people. This seems the case for director Roman Polanski.

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Taylor Swift Wins Suit Against Groping DJ—Hopes to Use Privilege to Help Other Women Defend Themselves

After a two year legal battle and four years after the initial groping incident, Taylor Swift has won her lawsuit against Denver DJ David "Jackson" Mueller and was awarded her $1.

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While You’re Out Fighting Nazis, Don’t Forget Misogynists Like This Douche Still Exist

We had a lot of talk about Nazis yesterday, because apparently that's a thing we need to be doing now in 2017. However, lest you think that white supremacy has taken over as the oppression du jour, let's not forget that there's still sexism and misogyny to contend with. Some forms of oppression never go out of style!

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Alleged Groper Can No Longer Sue Taylor Swift, But the Jury Will Still Hear His Claims Against Her Mom

A judge dismissed alleged groper David Mueller's case against Taylor Swift, but he will allow the jury to consider claims against her mom. America, 2017: where you can sue the mom of the woman you (allegedly) groped because she didn't let you get away with it.

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Kesha’s New Music and Its Impact on Survivors of Sexual Trauma

“If I am alive, why?”

Kesha’s new music matters because it shows an underrepresented community that survivors have voices, voices that can speak to—and speak beyond—their experiences, that there is life after trauma.

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Things We Saw Today: Taylor Swift Testifies Against Radio DJ Who Felt Her Up During a Photo Op

Earlier today, Taylor Swift testified against David "Jackson" Mueller, a radio DJ from KYGO in Denver, whom she's in the process of counter-suing (for $1) after he sued her (for $3 Million) for defamation and wrongful accusation, blaming her for getting him fired. What was the accusation? That he grabbed her ass during a meet-and-greet photo op. By the way, there's an actual photo of it happening.

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What We Can Learn About Sexual Consent From Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous

While watching a favorite film on a return flight from my recent vacation, a thought occurred to me: In film, men are never allowed to not want sex. Even when their characters actively don't want to be having sex in any given moment, films portray it as something they should want. No matter the circumstances.

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Dr. Luke Is Still Suing Kesha For Defamation, Because We Live in a Patriarchal Hellhole

Kesha's former producer Dr. Luke, whom she accused of rape and abuse, is suing her for defamation and subpoenaing Lady Gaga.

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Things We Saw Today: Longtime Kermit Puppeteer and Jim Henson Successor, Steve Whitmire, Mysteriously Fired

This week, it was announced that Steve Whitmire, successor to Jim Henson in acting as puppeteer for Kermit the Frog, will no longer be performing the role, and will be replaced by Matt Vogel. The reasons why are still unclear.

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Betsy DeVos Will Meet With Men’s Rights Activists to Discuss Campus Rape

Every time we think Betsy Devos can't be worse for the American education system, she goes ahead and proves us wrong.

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Entrepreneur Assaulted By Her Investor Explains Why Power Dynamics Cannot Be Ignored When Addressing Tech Industry Harassment

Yeoh's story–which is one of dozens that have come out over the last few weeks, which stand in for hundreds more still untold–should make it clear: men with as much power as Dave McClure must start putting their female colleagues' safety and comfort above their own sexual desires when the power imbalance is this great.

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After 27 Incidents of Sexual Assault Reported, Massive Swedish Music Festival May Be Replaced by Women-Only Event

Following the festival's cancellation, one woman wrote on Twitter, "What do you think about putting together a really cool festival where only non-men are welcome, that we’ll run until ALL men have learned how to behave themselves?" That idea ended up having a lot of supporters.

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Support Sexual Assault Survivors By Purchasing Some Powerful Sweet/Vicious Fan Art

Just because Sweet/Vicious was cancelled by MTV doesn't mean its fans aren't still making a difference. One fan in particular, Brittany Dailey, has taken her Sweet/Vicious fan art and translated it into real, concrete support for sexual assault survivors.

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Juror Says Bill Cosby Had “Already Paid a Price & Suffered” as If That’s the Fair Punishment for Rape

That doesn't sound like this juror had "reasonable doubt." That sounds like he believes Bill Cosby is guilty, but didn't want to declare him guilty, because then Cosby would be punished, and this juror thinks he's been through enough. It also sounds like he doesn't understand the difference between a civil case (in 2005) and a criminal case (now).

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Bill Cosby’s Trial Ends in a Mistrial, but the District Attorney Will Retry the Case

The jury in Bill Crosby's trial for aggravated indecent assault has deadlocked, resulting in a mistrial. However, Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele issued a statement that he will seek a new trial.

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Why the Language Used Against James Comey Sounds So Familiar, and So Upsetting

"Why didn't you tell anyone?"

A lot of viewers during Thursday's Senate hearing noticed that the language being used to question a man who claims to have been pressured by the *President into dropping an investigation is disturbingly similar to language used when discussing victims of sexual assault, harassment, and domestic violence.

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As Bill Cosby’s Trial Begins, Let’s Remember That Rape Should Not Have a Statute of Limitations

Bill Cosby's trial began this morning after at least 60 women have come forward over the last few years to accuse him of rape and sexual assault. But Cosby isn't on trial for the dozens of crimes he allegedly committed. He's on trial for one.

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Some Men In Japan Want Men-Only Train Cars So We Evil Temptresses Can’t Accuse Them of the Sexual Assault They Definitely Commit

Oh look, something wasn't about men for a minute.

Women-only cars have been placed on a number of Japanese commuter trains over the years, due to the epidemic of sexual assault plaguing the trains. But now some men are saying that doesn't go far enough. According to them, they're the ones that should get their own cars, as they're the ones who need protection from the real problem: false accusations.

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Entitlement Culture Is This Tennis Player Assaulting the Female Reporter Interviewing Him On-Air

Women are not your trophies.

A French tennis player spent an interview trying to kiss and grope a female reporter. He's been banned from the French Open, but that doesn't change the culture of entitlement that lets these things happen.

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New York Times’ New Op-Ed Hire Doesn’t Believe the Campus Rape Epidemic is a Real Thing

This isn't Santa Claus. It's happening, whether you believe it or not.

The New York Times just launched a campaign touting their dedication to truth and integrity. But Bret Stephens doesn't seem to have any interest in either of those things.

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