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Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Bob Weinstein Show How “Nice Guys” and Hollywood Perpetuate Rape Culture

It's very easy to look at someone like Harvey Weinstein and see a monster. The decades-long history of abuses makes that crystal clear. But make no mistake, it isn't only "monsters" we have to worry about when it comes to sexual harassment, sexual assault, and the systematic sexism that plagues the entertainment industry.

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Hollywood is Rife With Sexual Harassment, Now What? Some Proposed Solutions and Actions

We've read the scandalous news stories, the op-eds, and the think-pieces (we've even written some). We've stood in solidarity with those who've told their stories, and we've vowed that, despite the fact that Hollywood has been a hostile place toward women basically since its inception, that this time is different. This time, we're actually going to do something about this. So, what is Hollywood doing?

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Reese Witherspoon, America Ferrera & Jennifer Lawrence Add Their Voices to #MeToo

We Are Not Things

Every day more men and women come forward to talk about their experience with sexual assault, rape, and harassment by the hands of heads of the entertainment industry. Adding to the voices that have already emerged after the #MeToo hashtag went viral are Reese Witherspoon, America Ferrera & Jennifer Lawrence.

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What Happens When the Rapist is Your Family Member?

Nicki Minaj's older brother, Jelani Maraj, is currently charged with raping a twelve-year-old, with jury selection for his trial already beginning. Since the beginning of the accusations back in 2015 when Maraj was first arrested, the rapper has stood by her brother, first by bailing him out on a $100,000 bond. Just recently her brother's defense lawyer, David Schwartz, told Newsday that "There’s a big, big motive to lie here which I can’t get into right now."

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Hero-Princess-General Carrie Fisher Once Delivered a Cow Tongue to a Predatory Hollywood Exec

"She stood up for people."

After hearing he'd assaulted one of her friends, Carrie Fisher reportedly hand-delivered a cow tongue and a threat to one creeper Hollywood producer.

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Alyssa Milano Starts Survivor Hashtag #MeToo to Show the Prevalence of Sexual Violence

Trending on Twitter today is the hashtag #MeToo, a movement of women sharing their stories in order to express the magnitude of sexual assault today.

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Woody Allen Seems Way More Concerned About “A Witch Hunt Atmosphere” Than the Women Harvey Weinstein Hurt

You're shocked, I know.

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein allegations, Woody Allen picked a BS thing to be concerned about. "You also don't want it to lead to a witch hunt atmosphere," he said, "a Salem atmosphere, where every guy in an office who winks at a woman is suddenly having to call a lawyer."

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#WomenBoycottTwitter Silences Women and Highlights White Feminism. Whose Idea Was This?

Also, how do you use a Twitter hashtag to boycott Twitter? Don't you need to be ON Twitter to...oh, never mind.

The #womenboycotttwitter hashtag, which was supposed to culminate in a boycott today, didn't exactly succeed in its execution. And there are a couple of reasons why.

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Seth MacFarlane Made a Pointed Joke About Harvey Weinstein Back in 2013

During the announcement of 2013's Oscar nominees for Best Supporting Actress, MacFarlane took a crack at Harvey Weinstein that shows how much of an "open secret" Weinstein's behavior was.

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Samantha Bee’s Penis PSA Is Good Business Advice for Terrible Men

"Your dick is objectively the worst thing about you."

With so many prominent, powerful men being accused of sexual assault and harassment, Samantha Bee has some advice for other men who are worried that they, too, will face similar accusations. Starting with "don't masturbate in front of your colleagues."

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Here’s What It’s Really Like to Be a Woman in the Entertainment Industry

These frank testimonials may ring familiar with women in many other industries, too.

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Seed & Spark’s Emily Best Tired of Talking About the Hollywood Sexism Problem, So She’s Proposing Solutions

Seed & Spark's Emily Best is tired of talking about the Hollywood sexism problem. Instead, she wants to start outlining and implementing solutions.

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Stop Attacking Hillary Clinton Over Harvey Weinstein—Republicans Are the Ones Who Don’t Trust Women

Clinton’s response follows days of aggressively snide comments from the right, who have rallied behind Donald Trump, Jr. — suddenly a proponent of the “liberal,” “fake news” Times now that it’s published a report that can be used against Democrats — to call out the “hypocrisy” of any and every left-leaning celebrity who’s ever made a comment on politics if they have yet to formally challenge Weinstein to a duel.

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Terry Crews Bravely Shares the Hollywood Sexual Assault He Endured in Solidarity With Weinstein Victims

While we primarily talk about sexual harassment and assault in terms of the women who face it, as it tends to affect them disproportionately, we're also aware that men not only also suffer harassment and assault, but often don't come forward because of the stigma attached. For Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Terry Crews, the aftermath of Harvey Weinstein's firing was exactly the right time to share the story of his own sexual assault in solidarity with Weinstein's victims.

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“When Did You Meet YOUR Harvey Weinstein?” Twitter Replies Are Enraging and Show That Sexual Harassment Is Everywhere

The writer Anne T. Donahue put out the call on Twitter for people to share stories of meeting "their" first Harvey Weinstein—meaning a person who abuses their position of power in order to sexually harass—and the replies climbed into the thousands. Way, way, way too many women have met a Weinstein.

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Men of Hollywood, Where the F*ck Have You Been? Firing Predators Is Only the Beginning

There's been some good news coming out of the fight against systemic sexism in pop culture and media in the form of two notorious sexual predators being fired from the companies they helped build. However, as Rose McGowan would like to point out, this is only the tip of an enormous iceberg.

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Things We Saw Today: All the Last Jedi Teasers We Can Find to Tide Us Over Till Tomorrow’s Trailer

Get ready. Trailer tomorrow. #TheLastJedi — Star Wars (@starwars) October 8, 2017 Psst, have you heard the news? A full trailer for The Last Jedi is scheduled to air tomorrow during Monday Night Football. Tickets for the movie go on presale tomorrow, too! To help take our minds off the anticipation, the internet is overloading […]

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Brie Larson Tweeted About the Importance of Believing Women & the Response Proved Her Whole Point

In addition to being an Oscar-winning actress and our Captain Marvel, Brie Larson has a fantastic Twitter presence. She uses her platform to both speak out about important issues, and to listen and learn from fans. She's also one hell of a troll when she wants to be. Today, she tweeted out a statement about the importance of believing women.

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Alamo Drafthouse’s Tim League Issues Apology to “The Women We Have Let Down,” Severs Ties With Another Alleged Abuser

If League truly is dedicated to trying to fix all of this and eliminate the toxicity from the Drafthouse umbrella, that's admirable. But is it achievable?

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Trump Administration Just Made Campus Sexual Assault Guidelines More Lenient—on the Accused

You know what is not a real concern when it comes to rampant sexual assault on college campuses? That the system is stacked against the accused. That hasn't stopped Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and Donald Trump's Department of Education from rescinding President Obama-era guidelines on campus sexual assault in order to rework them to be more lenient on alleged assaulters.

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