NYC mayor Eric Adams sitting on a panel.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Gets His Own “Is He Arrested?” Site

I have always thought Mayor Eric Adams is a weirdo. Policies aside, something about him has always bothered me, but some people way more connected to NYC politics than me do in fact have a lot to say about his policies. Now, a new website has popped up:

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Two things that are causing some issues for Adams are sexual assault allegations and the FBI investigation into his role in the construction of a new Turkish consulate building in NYC. Adams gave an exclusive interview on MSNBC where he spoke to the Reverend Al Sharpton, touching on some of these concerns.

Facing a sexual assault allegation from 1993, in the interview, Adams claims he doesn’t “recall” meeting the person bringing this allegation forth. He goes on to weirdly use his police experience to say that he has protected people and that’s what he stands for—kind of an odd position especially considering all of the NYPD abuse and murder incidents.

He also uses his law enforcement experience when discussing his Turkey/FBI scandal. He says that he knows what it means to follow the law, though he interestingly smirks when starting to discuss this topic. I am not a body language expert, but whenever people do that, it seems like a red flag.

He reiterates that he and his team are cooperating with those involved in the investigation. Anyway, we stumbled upon a hilarious website that is giving updates on Adams and if he has been arrested yet. The most recent update reads: Eric Adams Arrest Status: NOT ARRESTED YET. Will this happen? I would venture to say no. But it is funny to see someone holding his foot to the fire. Many of the updates simply say he wasn’t arrested today, but my favorite is from November 12, reading: “Eric Adams is a free man … for now.” Again, I wouldn’t put money on him being arrested, but you never know when the FBI is involved.

Either way, it’s at least nice to see that many people who are politically aligned with Adams are not supportive of him in the face of these scandals, or even in general. They question his policies, his statements at press conferences, and more, rather than defending him in willful ignorance. So while this website is good for a laugh, it speaks to a bigger point about holding politicians accountable.

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