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It’s #BatmanDay and DC Universe Gives us a Sneak Peek at Dueling Robins in Titans

When Dick met Jason.

Dick Grayson and Jason Todd cross paths in the new teaser for DC Universe's Titans.

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New Image of Robin from Titans Feels More Arrow Than Supergirl

Warner Bros. has released the first image of Brenton Thwaites as Robin/Dick Grayson from their upcoming Teen Titans series, Titans.

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Joel Schumacher Is Really, Really Sorry About Batman & Robin

Yeah, so are we.

Batman & Robin, the almost completely unwatchable movie starring George Clooney as a nippled Batman and Arnold Schwarzenegger chewing the frozen scenery, is twenty years old this month. Director Joel Schumacher would like for you to know that he feels bad about it.

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Ryan Potter’s Robin Fight Scene Concept Video Feels Right out of the Batman Movie We Deserve

Whether it becomes an official part or not.

Big Hero 6's Ryan Potter has a message for Ben Affleck on his Batman solo movie: Batman needs a robin—this Robin. Potter went the extra mile in choreographing and filming a fight scene meant for Tim Drake to make the case for casting him in the role in the upcoming film.

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Stephen King Shares “Intense” Batman and Robin Story on NPR’s Selected Shorts Podcast

The newly-established Selected Shorts podcast is where all the Selected Shorts stories with curse words, sexual situations, and descriptions of violence can find a home away from the FCC regulations that . In Episode 2, Stephen King delivers an "intense story about family, love, and dying" called “Batman and Robin Have an Altercation."

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Let’s Speculate Wildly About Our Superheroes’ Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes, Bub!

Thanksgiving is all about gratefulness, cooperation, and stuffing your maw with delicious, delicious foods. In the spirit of teamwork and good eats, then, let's speculate together about what foods our favorite fictional super-powered folks might include on their table.

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DC Entertainment Is Currently Trying to Protect Their Robin IP from Singer Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty

DC: "This falls under our umbrella, ella, ella..."

DC vs. Rihanna in the comic book event of the century!!! Ok, it's actually just a little legal battle but think of the cover possibilities!

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The Superhero Hoodies We Deserve are Now Available on Etsy for a Limited Time

Face it, tiger... we just hit the jackpot!

CoyotePopClothing's handmade-to-order superhero hoodies are 100% polyester, come in sizes XS-3XL, and are only available for a limited time (suspected closing date is January 23rd).

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Wonder Woman Enters Frank Miller’s 300, Batman & Robin Head to Hogwarts in New Movie Variants From DC

Well, DC Comics has an interesting concept for some upcoming variant covers - riff off famous movies.

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Robin Apparently Has a “Prenatal” Origin Story Coming up on Gotham, But Harley Quinn Will Have to Wait

Jingle bells. Batman smells. Robin laid was in an egg.

Hey, we could do a Harley Quinn origin to give fans something, since we're putting off the Joker for now... Nah, screw it. Let's do a backstory for a character who isn't even born yet.

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Teen Titans, Go! We Select A Fancast for TNT’s Teen Titans Live Action Pilot

But will the theme song be as catchy?

Last week it was announced that DC Entertainment is working on a Teen Titans television pilot for cable channel TNT, which, as we're all aware, knows drama. As a big fan of the cartoon line-up when I was... well, older than I was supposed to be and still watching cartoons, I thought we'd take the time to explore just who we'd like to see in a Teen Titan teen drama. Teen!

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MMA Fighters Dress as Batman, Robin, and Spider-Man for the Only MMA Fight We’ve Ever Cared About [Video]

Why isn't this just how MMA is all the time?

We don't really follow mixed martial arts competitions, but we do follow superheroes beating the crap out of each other. That's why we love this video of MMA fighters dressed as the dynamic duo squaring off against our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

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Batman, Robin, a Smurf, and David Hasselhoff Fought Crime in the UK Last Week

That is not a series of words we would ever expect to write. Guys, what is even happening over there?

A guy dressed as Robin was assaulted while innocently spending time with friends dressed as Batman, a giant smurf, and David Hasselhoff in the UK last week, and the entire crew sprang into action to catch the attacker. Is it weird that the part of this we're having trouble accepting is someone dressed as Hasselhoff?

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Feel Like A Hero In These DC Character Super Hoodies

We Can Be Heroes

Tumblr user thelittlestbat makes hoodies with a super attitude. We showed you some of them before here, but there's a new series called batfam; quoted that includes a phrase for each character. Looks like some comfy crime-fighting.

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Please, just, no; Justin Bieber Tweets/Trolls Batman vs. Superman Script

He's the hero Beliebers deserve, but the rest of the world is really not down.

The Biebs is either the worst DC hero or the best internet troll of all time. After posting a photo to his Instagram account this morning, Bieber set the net on fire with speculation that he is somehow involved with the Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer-penned sequel to Man of Steel.

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Nina Edlund’s Adorable Sketchcards of DC Comics Women


Artist Nina Edlund has captured the women of DC comics perfectly in her Cryptozoic sketch card collection -- and they look so cute! Here are a few of our picks from her gallery of sketchcards, but she's drawn even more than just what we have here. Check out her website for the rest of her DC ladies!

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Holy Female Robin, Batman! Carrie Kelley Is Being Introduced To The New 52!

Today in Awesome

Comic readers know her as the first full-time female Robin but up until now, Carrie Kelley did not have that role in official DC Comics continuity. That's about to change.

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TV’s Robin, Burt Ward, Comments on Current Robin Events

Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

It’s a terrible choice to kill off Robin. Why bite the hand that feeds you? ... Robin should only die in people's imaginations! Or in a state of primal ecstasy! -- Burt Ward. Well, I can certainly understand Ward's distress over the fate of a fictional character that he's close to, even more when he's responsible for embodying one of the most iconic versions of that character. Although it's worth noting that this isn't the first time this has happened, nor is the current Robin even the same character as the one he played in the television show - Wait, did he say in a state of primal ecstasy?

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Star Wars and Superhero Socks, Because You Never Need an Excuse to Ogle Some Nerdy Socks

i'll just leave this here

Perfect for the 501st! Or maybe not. Maybe they wear tights under their armor, I guess I don't actually know. The great thing about nerdy socks? Unlike nerdy t-shirts and just like nerdy Converse: they're unisex.

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Things We Saw Today: The New Robin Really Likes Birds

Things We Saw Today

And officially my new favorite. Sorry, Tim Drake. (via Literate Knits

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