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Actually, Jimmy Kimmel and Hillary Clinton Did a Pretty Great Bit on Mansplaining Last Night

On Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday, Hillary Clinton and Jimmy Kimmel demonstrated how NOT to interact with a woman.

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Former Trump Staffer Files Gender Discrimination Complaint, Says She Was Paid Far Less than Male Peers

You don't say.

Wow, real twist in the news today, folks! According to The New York Times, Donald Trump may have paid a female employee less than her male peers, punished her based on her gender, and made an inappropriate comment about her and a "young" female volunteer's looks. Truly shocking behavior from a man who has basically made ostentatious misogyny into a successful personal brand.

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Donald Trump on Putin’s Murder of Dissenting Journalists: “At Least He’s a Leader”

You know how sometimes, if someone compliments you, you then feel compelled to defend them from criticism, because any attacks on their character might make that compliment invalid or reflect badly on you by association? That happened to me all the time in high school, and I'm not proud of it. But at least I wasn't running for President of the United States.

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Latin@ Rights Group Offers $5,000 to Heckle Donald Trump on SNL

#RacismIsntFunny will pay $5,000 to a studio audience member willing to disrupt this week's live taping of Donald Trump's appearance on SNL by shouting "Deport Trump" or "Trump is a racist."

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Donald Trump Exceedingly Pissed He Didn’t Get an Invite to Last Week Tonight

Make America 8 years old again.

In a CBS This Morning interview recently, John Oliver was asked if Trump would ever be invited on Last Week Tonight. Oliver announced that he had no interest in giving Trump another platform to share the GOP candidate's already well-known views, saying, "I don't really care about him."

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GOP Candidate John Kasich to Woman With Question at Political Event: “I Don’t Have Any Tickets for Taylor Swift”

Also, “I’m sure you get invited to all of the parties."

GOP presidential hopeful and Ohio Governor John Kasich was speaking to hundreds of students and community members at a University of Richmond event earlier this week when 18-year-old Kayla Solsbak raised her hand to ask a question.

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Donald Trump to Appear on Late Show with Stephen Colbert Later This Month

Something orange this way comes.

Stephen Colbert kicked off his inaugural Late Show by roasting Donald Trump, and now CBS has announced that the GOP front-runner (just let that sink in for a second) will be making an appearance on the show September 22nd.

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Study Finds People Ignore Political Ads of Candidates They Don’t Agree With

The next time you're casually watching Hell on Wheels or whatever your character-driven drama of choice is, and a political ad breaks up all the deep drama, don't worry, it won't harsh on your drama high. A recent study found that political ads of candidates people disagree with don't really have much overall effect. Instead of become enraged, the study found people simply become dismissive and essentially ignore the ad.

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