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Everything Here’s Trash: Honey Boo Boo Child Portrait

Six-year-old Internet and reality television sensation Alana Thompson is better known to her fans as Honey Boo Boo. Her and her family's antics have captivated audiences in much the same way as a train wreck captivates bystanders. Folks just can't look away. Seeing the potential here, artist Jason Mecier has made a portrait of the young star. The catch? It's made entirely out of trash.

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Crayon Portraits Make Us See Rods And Cones, Maybe More

American artist Christian Faur makes portraits with crayons, but he doesn't draw with them. Instead, he arranges the crayons upright, giving his portraits a pixel-like effect that is strangely nostalgic, like looking at a really old television. This is the least childish crayon art I've ever seen, and preschoolers must never be allowed near them.

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Artist Turns Old Maps Into Amazing Portraits

With the rise of the smart phone and GPS who uses a paper map anymore, really? But, artist Ingrid Dabringer has found at lease one new use for old maps. She turns them into the backdrop for amazing portraits. Dabringer incorporates the geographical shapes of the map, the roads, waterways, and even colors into her pieces. Using acrylic paints, Dabringer draws faces and characters that she visualizes amongst the tangled web of streets and shapes. More paintings after the jump.

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