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Pigeons Gamble the Same Way People Do, According to Study

"Who YOU callin' a gambler?"

Today in being afraid of pigeons and their little-known-yet-remarkable capacity for intelligence, turns out that their risk assessment skills are on par with that of humans. Mark my words, one day they will realize that they can do better than pooping on our statues and turn on us.

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Hatoful Boyfriend Makes Way More Sense Now: Japanese Pigeon People Found on Google Maps

Look at all these senpais noticing me! It's a dream come true!

Google Maps pranks are great, particularly when they indulge in surreal and almost-creepy imagery for maximum weirdness. Like, yeah, mooning the camera on top of the Street View car is fun and all, but you know you're just going to get blurred out so what's the point? Better to round up a group of people flash-mob style to do something completely bizarre with rubber masks, which is what this bunch of Japanese students did. I mean, I'm just assuming -- As Doctor Who taught us, they've got to be students to get that many people dressed up and being silly. That or they're aliens. Doctor Who taught us that, too.

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Pigeons Master Touchscreens, Prove Smarter Than an Awful Lot of Humans

It's only a matter of time before they seize control of our governments.

Odds are that even if you don't live in a city and aren't forced to interact with stupid pigeons on a daily basis, you probably still think they're... well, stupid, right? Wrong. They're not stupid. Researchers at the University of Iowa tested pigeons on their ability to use touch screens similar to those found on your smartphone, and they're really, really good at it. They're probably better at working an iPhone than your grandparents are, and without the added benefit of opposable thumbs. This does not bode well for us as a species.

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Canadian Man Claims to Have Cracked Unsolvable British Pigeon Code

Last month the British Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) publicly posted a WWII code found with the remains of a dead messenger pigeon. They believed that the code was uncrackable without further information, and hoped that by making the code public someone could provide the missing piece of the puzzle. That's exactly what happened. A Canadian man says he was able to crack the code in 17 minutes with an inherited codebook. He even believes he knows who sent the message.

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Oh, Dear God No: Here Are Some Catfish Hunting And Eating Pigeons

This morning in Things That Will Certainly Haunt Your Dreams, here are some catfish in France that have learned to hunt pigeons. The fish, which are not native to the River Tarn where they now dwell, were introduced about three decades ago, and in the ensuing time, have apparently developed a hunting technique never before seen in the animals -- the fish loiter in shallow water near sandbars populated by pigeons and, when a wayward bird steps close enough, the catfish lunge at it, dragging their feathered prey back into the water with them. You can check out the behavior in the video below, or you can just look directly at my worst nightmares if that is easier. Which I hope it's not.

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Pigeons Have an Understanding of Numbers on Par With Primates

When you think of "intelligent animals," pigeons are probably not the first thing that comes to mind. After all, they're just birds, how intelligent could they possibly be, right? Well, it looks like we, at least I, may not have been giving them the respect they deserve when I imagine how easy it would be to just kick one while walking down the street. No, it seems that pigeons can develop a grasp of the abstract concept of "numbers" just as well as many primates. It may not relate to their everyday lives, but they can still figure it out, which is pretty impressive.

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Fibonacci Pigeons

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