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Pi Day

This Webcomic Wins Pi Day

Oh hey, it's my birthday! What a special day for me! Except all of my thunder has been stolen by that dastardly Pi Day. Look, up until 2009, when the House of Representatives passed a non-binding resolution recognizing National Pi Day, had you ever even heard of Pi Day? Would you have thought to celebrate an irrational number that never ends? With pie? I hate you so much, Pi Day. But I like this comic.

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Things We Saw Today: Pi Fashion In Fitting With Pi Day Celebrations

In case you missed the memo, today was Pi Day. Whether it was pizza pie, pie pie, or good old classic pi, the celebrations were raging today, and they were delicious.

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6 Carefully Calculated Ways To Celebrate Pi Day

Sock It To 'Em Ada

Three-point-one-four cheers for Pi Day! Yes, it’s March 14, the day when nerds revel in the intersection of math puns and dessert consumption. While eating pie is the best and most correct way to commemorate the day, I’m here to recommend some more colorful activities, intended to please your brain rather than your belly. Not that I’m scrapping tradition entirely. A thematically appropriate pie pairing is suggested for each activity.

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The “Pi Is Wrong” Movement Thinks Pi Day Is the Columbus Day of Math-Based Holidays

But we still get to eat a bunch of pies today, right? RIGHT!?

We know you love Pi Day, Internet. March 14th = 3.14, and it's an excuse to eat pie. Trust us: we're on board, but not everyone is. Some people think pi is "wrong" and that celebrating it is therefore wrong. Some of those people think we should celebrate Tau instead, but then what dessert do we eat on June 28th?

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Pi Day: You’re Doing it Wrong

and let it be known

This is a post for everybody who wants to be the smartypants in their Twitter or Facebook feed. I'm going to go back to researching pie shops in my area because I don't have the energy to bake tonight. Previously in ViHart Videos

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It’s Pi Day! Here Are 100,000 Digits of Delicious Pi


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Things We Saw Today: Apple Pie for Pi Day!

Things We Saw Today

There is still time to plan for your Pi Day Pie! Check out the how-to for this apple pie by Sharon from A Periodic Table. (via The Laughing Squid)

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Literal Apple Pi Is Perfect For Pi Day

Plenty of people have pie on March 14th and act like they're being all clever about it. "Oh look at how funny I am. I'm having pie for Pi Day." I can appreciate a good pun, but I prefer to appreciate a great pun. Lucky for me, Shannon at a periodic table has provided such a pun with her delicious looking Apple Pi.

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For Pi Day: Pi and Pie Videos! (Yay, Homonyms!)

Just What You've Always Wanted

Since Pi/e Day comes but once a year, we have one video about pie and two videos about pi! And in two of them, pi/e is wrong. Above, however, pi is Shakespeare. Maybe. ViHart explains math in iambic pentameter. Somebody give this lady some baked goods. After the jump, why pi/e is (still wrong). Cheers!

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A Very Convincing Case Against Pi [Video]

hold on to your butts

It may be Pi Day, but this brilliant and thoroughly enjoyable girl maintains that π is wrong. Not because of the actual number -- π still equals 3.1415 ... -- but when applied to circle constants (and the equation used to calculate them, C/r, or circumference divided by radius), the more accurate number is actually 2π, or τ. Are you ready for a lesson in radians? How about one with actual pie? Seriously, someone get this girl her own podcast, TV show, anything -- She has made the case for Tau Day! (YouTube)

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Happy Pi Day! (Or Is That Half Tau Day?)

By geek tradition, 3/14 is widely celebrated as Pi Day, because, well 3.14 and all of that. Hardly just the mathematical constant used to define various key properties of circles, pi is symbolic of the enigmatic power of math. The symbol is teasingly simple, yet the number goes on forever; truly, a most poetic idea. And it sounds like "pie," and everybody loves pie. OK, we'll admit it: A big part of Pi Day's appeal is that geeks want to stuff themselves with baked goods, but hey, you deserve it. Here's the thing: Though everyone likes pie, not everyone likes pi. Vi Hart, whose work we've featured in the past, is one such person: In the video above, she allies herself with tau (τ), the mathematical constant defined as 2π. For reasons outlined in the video, Hart and tau proponents (Tauists?) argue that if history and schools had worked together to ensure that tau rather than pi was adopted as the circle constant of choice, math education would be a lot less confusing and many equations would look much more elegant. All fascinating stuff, but if that sounds a little dry, Hart bakes two delicious pies in the video, so we all win. (via TDW)

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Happy Pi Day!

Audience Participation

It's Pi day, so appreciate the fearful symmetry of circles, eat some baked dishes consisting of a pastry dough casing that contains a filling of sweet (or savory) ingredients, and appreciate this moment of pure spontaneous genius at this weekend's Paul and Storm set from PAX East 2011. Somewhere in there you might even catch my own soprano arrrrr. Unlikely.

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Happy Pi Day!

It's 3/14, 1:59am, and you know what that means: Pi Day is officially in session.

Not that pi doesn't get respect throughout the year -- it's certainly a higher-profile constant than Avogadro's Number, the Boltzmann Constant, or even the Golden Ratio -- but Pi Day is the one day of the year we set aside to celebrate everyone's favorite ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter: (In Euclidean space, natch.)

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