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For Pi Day: Pi and Pie Videos! (Yay, Homonyms!)

Just What You've Always Wanted

Since Pi/e Day comes but once a year, we have one video about pie and two videos about pi! And in two of them, pi/e is wrong. Above, however, pi is Shakespeare. Maybe. ViHart explains math in iambic pentameter. Somebody give this lady some baked goods.

After the jump, why pi/e is (still wrong). Cheers!

We present an episode of My Drunk Kitchen that is all about good, American pie… cakes!

And now, from ViHart, why “Pi Is (Still) Wrong”:

Oh, and by the way, on WordPress’ 24 hour clock format, this post went live at 13:14. It’s the least we could do.

(via My Drunk Kitchen on Facebook, ViHart)

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