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We Almost Got The Lord of the Rings as Told by Quentin Tarantino


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The Mortal Engines Teaser Looks Like a Shlocky, Cities-That-Eat-You Version of Fury Road I Didn’t Know I Wanted

The first teaser trailer has dropped for Mortal Engines, an adaptation of the first book in Philip Reeve's Predator Cities series.

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Things We Saw Today: “Youthquake” Is Apparently the Word of the Year

... what?

I thought I was pretty in the know but I have honestly never heard of this word before today nor seen it printed.

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Things We Saw Today: 16-Year-Old Maja Kuczyńska’s Amazing Wind Tunnel Acrobatic Routines

This wind tunnel dance routine performed by Maja Kuczyńska, a 16-year-old girl from Poland, has been floating across all social media lately, and with due reason.

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Here’s Peter Jackson Waving a Dildo Flag on Last Week Tonight

What have I got in my pocket?

John Oliver kicked off Last Week Tonight's 3rd season Sunday by commemorating the moment New Zealand's economic development minister Stephen Joyce was smacked in the nose during a press conference by an airborne dildo.

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Weird Lord of the Rings Court Case Gets Help From Peter Jackson

Smeagol is a four-foot-tall Stoor Hobbit. It does not make any sense.

In Turkey, it's illegal to insult a public official, and doctor Bilgin Ciftci is finding that out the hard way as he faces up to two years in prison for an image involving a Lord of the Rings character—but which character it actually is might be the key to his defense. Luckily, he's got an expert on is side: Peter Jackson.

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Peter Jackson Might Direct Episode of Doctor Who Maybe Sorta, Announces via Adorable Video

"I'm The Doctor." "Who?" "Exactly."

In what will perhaps be the most adorable announcement-not-announcement video you'll see all day, Peter Jackson mused on directing an episode of Doctor Who in a... skit? Sketch?

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Peter Jackson Had to “Wing It” While Filming the Hobbit Trilogy

Faced with immense pressure from the studio to stick to the original release date, Peter Jackson had to take Guillermo del Toro's vision and create a movie.

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Extended Edition Hobbit Trilogy Coming to Theaters Because the Original Just Wasn’t Long Enough

An unexpectedly long journey.

If you want to be stuck in a movie theater seat until your 111th birthday, Peter Jackson has your back. The extended edition of the Hobbit trilogy is coming to movie theaters, and you'll never see the light of day again.

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Peter Jackson Builds Bag End Behind a Bookcase in His New Zealand Mansion

Oh, we're just going to ignore the torture chamber? Okay.

If you're going to build Bag End behind a bookcase behind a torture chamber behind a series of tunnels behind a wine cellar, you better do it right or not at all.

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Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Films Cinematographer Andrew Lesnie Passes Away at 59

Oscar-winning Australian cinematographer Andrew Lesnie, beloved for his work on the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbit films as well as I Am Legend, Babe, the 2005 King Kong, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes, passed away yesterday at 59 of an apparent heart attack.

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“I am No Man” Doesn’t Cut It: The Story of Eowyn

And when you're done reading this, go Google Haleth, daughter of Haldad.

There are many things I love about the Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings film adaptations. The attention to detail, the shout outs to uber nerds with Silmarillion refs, the way Legolas jumps up on that horse in The Two Towers.

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Review: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Is the Phantom Menace Of Middle Earth

Going by movie order, The Battle of the Five Armies is Revenge of the Sith, but if we're looking at quality, it's The Phantom Menace all the way. While not as bad as The Phantom Menace, it's still the runt of the Middle Earth family. The Faramir, if you will. Except Faramir is the greatest, and he treats women a helluva lot better than The Battle of the Five Armies does. This review contains major spoilers for how things go down in funkytown.

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Don’t Let Ian McKellen Make You Overly Optimistic About More Lord of the Rings Films

Those were the stories that stayed with you.

Ian McKellen isn't ruling out the possibility of more films set in Middle-Earth, but you probably shouldn't get your hopes up.

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First Battle of The Five Armies TV Spot: Angst, Arrows, Etc.


Following the reveal Thursday of the final Hobbit trailer, Warner Bros. has also released the first TV spot for The Battle of the Five Armies.

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The Last Hobbit Trailer Is Finally Here And Oh No Everything’s on Fire

Including MY HEART

All of those intense close-up teaser posters were leading up to this moment, and boy is it dramatic. Hella orcs! Thranduil being snippy! Dwarf feelings all up in the everywhere! Possibly some more Gandalf and Galadriel ones, too! It's everything we could have ever wanted.

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Air New Zealand Has Done Another Cameo-Filled, LotR-Themed Safety Briefing

Dean O'Gorman, why are you wearing a seatbelt you are on a horse.

I may not get to cavort around New Zealand anytime soon—something about it costing money, I dunno—but at least I get to watch "The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made." You milk those Middle Earth movies, Air New Zealand. You milk them as long as you possibly can.

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Holy Smaug Pile! Peter Jackson Spent How Much Making The Hobbit Trilogy?

Enough to buy multiple giant elks.

Last year word was Peter Jackson's time on The Hobbit trilogy so far cost double what The Lord of the Rings trilogy did to make. But a new report has the films running Smaug hoard numbers.

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The Entirety Of The Hobbit Book In LEGO In 72 Seconds

Yes, P. Jax, it is possible.

It's 33,000ish seconds shorter than the Peter Jackson version, and it includes (pretty much) no Tauriel. Make of that what you will. If you want to marathon the cinematic-length version, you can do so when Battle of the Five Armies comes out on December 17th.

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Peter Capaldi Put His Foot Down on Flirting and Costumes, Is Apparently in Charge of Doctor Who

All aboard the Capaldi train. Choo f***ity choo!

As the series 8 premiere in August rapidly approaches, more details keep dropping about how Peter Capaldi's Doctor will change Doctor Who, especially if you've been looking at the recent leaks. If not, let Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, and Steven Moffat tell you what the show will be like under Capaldi's iron fist—and, of course, more talk of Peter Jackson directing an episode.

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