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The Fittingly Creepy Face We See in Normal Objects Revealed by Computer Algorithm

This is the face of pareidolia.

The human brain is hardwired to look for patterns—especially human faces. That's why the taillights and bumper of the car in front of you appear to be leering at you, you see lobsters in the clouds, and backwards music has satanic messages. (Fun fact: if you play this entire site in reverse, it espouses atheism.) But now, thanks to the magic of computers, we know what the face we see everywhere looks like.

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We Have an Important Update About What We Think Rosetta’s Target Comet Looks Like

At least the Philae lander will be safe from Munchers!

The ESA spacecraft Rosetta is moving ever closer towards her target comet 67P, and our pareidolia is running full force to try to decide what it looks like. We've already see a rubber ducky, a marshmallow Peep, a weird butt, and now...

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“Mars Rat” is Just a Rock on Mars, Not a Rat, Because Apparently People Need to Hear That

Just because a rock looks like an animal doesn't mean that there's a rat on Mars, so everybody relax.

I've seen this story popping up a few places, and it's been getting on my nerves. What you see in that picture is not some kind of Martian rat or lizard. It is a rock. It's not even a rock that looks that much like a rat or a lizard. Our brains are wired for us to recognize familiar shapes and see faces. That's all this is.

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New Search Tool Uses Google Maps To Find Faces In Earth’s Landscape

Finding faces where there are no faces just got a whole lot easier thanks to an automated search tool.

In what will probably go down as the least creepy way anyone ever combined Google Maps and face recognition, the hard-working dweebs at German design studio onformative have created Google Faces, a tool that automatically searches for face-like features in landscape images culled from Google Maps. 

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Monday Cute: Smiling Box Devours Cat


And now we know the awful truth. It isn't the cats that are attracted to the boxes. It's the boxes that wish to destroy our cats. (via Cute Overload.)

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50 Things That Look Like Faces

From Wikipedia, Pareidolia "is a psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random stimulus (often an image or sound) being perceived as significant." It commonly occurs as face-like patterns in inanimate objects, fifty instances of which can be seen after the break, so you can start developing empathy for cheese graters and alarm clocks and houses and things.

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