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Ripley’s Exoskeleton From Aliens Is Real And You Can Buy One

Get away from her, you... Oh, no. Actually, this is pretty great.

We've all seen the clip from James Cameron's 1986 film Aliens, where Sigourney Weaver (as eternal badass Ellen Ripley) puts the smack-down on an alien queen while wearing a strength-enhancing exoskeleton. Looks like the folks over at Panasonic have seen it too, because they've manufactured their own version - and are going to start mass-production.

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Don’t Count Physical Media Out Just Yet: Sony and Panasonic Announce Plans for 300GB Disc

Somewhere Gretchen Weiners is sitting alone with her DVDs, calling them all "fetch."

Between things like online streaming and cloud storage, physical storage is rapidly becoming less and less relevant to the general consumer -- that is, unless Sony and Panasonic have anything to say about it. The two tech companies are in development to create a new optical disc standard that will be capable of storing over 300GB of data. You're welcome, hoarders of data.

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Panasonic Sends 100,000 Glowing Orbs Floating Down Sumida River

The inaugural Tokyo Hotaru festival was held last weekend in, you guessed it, Tokyo. Sending lights down bodies of water is kind of a thing in Japan and isn't unique by any means. But given that this was meant to celebrate the hotaru (fireflies), Panasonic went the extra mile this time. They took it upon themselves to float 100,000 LED orbs down the Sumida River at the start of the festival.

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Panasonic Plans Bottom-Up Green City in Japan

Panasonic, along with eight partner companies, have announced plans to construct a green community from the ground up in Japan's Fujisawa City. The community will be called the Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town (Fujisawa SST), and by 2018 it could provide a carefully planned, eco-friendly space for 1000 residents. The project has already put forth a bold goal of lowering the town's carbon output 70% from 1990 levels. Green building is certainly nothing new, but the thrust of Panasonic's plan is to start from scratch rather than retrofit existing structures and communities with eco-friendly technologies. The idea is that existing technologies and town planning strategies can be brought together harmoniously from the start, for maximum effect and efficiency. And Fujisawa SST will have it all: a smart power grid; solar cells and batteries in every home; roads designed for bikes, walkers, and electric vehicles; networked public lighting, and more.

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Panasonic Jungle: Will the Portable MMO Gaming System Find a Market?

Last night, Panasonic Cloud Entertainment, what is essentially an offspring of Panasonic, unveiled Jungle, a portable gaming system with a focus on online gaming and MMOs, and is apparently launching with the browser-based Battlestar Galactica MMO from Bigpoint.

Details are slim with the reveal video (shown below), other than stating the Jungle is a "mean little machine," and is launching with BSG:Online and a "bada$$ new show," Online Underground. Yes, they used dollar signs, and yes, they neglected to use a dollar sign for the other S in the sentence.

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Panasonic Debuts Dubious Hair Washing Robot

Weren't we just talking about robots uniquely equipped for murder? Well here's another one. Panasonic just debuted a hair-washing robot. Simply recline in a chair, place your head in the receptacle of this washing machine-sized contraption, and hope it doesn't use its eight fingered hands to pop your skull like a grape.

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