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Facebook Is Filling Its “Jail” With Women Instead of the Men Harassing Them

Women are getting harassed on a daily basis on Facebook, and Facebook is ignoring them. Now they're speaking up, even just with hyperbolic jokes, and Facebook is silencing them.

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IDW Actually Considering Taking Action Against Writer…Based On the Whims of Right-Wing Harassers

You know what's hilarious? People who argue that their racist, sexist, and homophobic views are "free speech" and should totally be tolerated, only to whine and complain when someone expresses an actual opinion (racism, sexism, and homophobia are not defensible "opinions," they are hatred) they don't like. Suddenly, it's okay to be offended. So long as you're not the member of an actually marginalized group.

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Martin Shkreli Had His Bail Revoked, Is in Jail Now Because You Can’t Ask the Internet to Assault Hillary Clinton for You

Martin Shkreli is headed to maximum-security prison to await sentencing after posting a call for assault on Hillary Clinton on Facebook, which he called an "awkward attempt at humor."

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Prosecutors Move to Revoke Martin Shkreli’s Bail After the Literal Goblin Offered Bounty for Hillary Clinton’s Hair

Felon and all around scummy dude Martin Shkreli might be headed to prison earlier than he was expecting.

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Zoë Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian Fight the Patriarchy in New Books

Both Zoë Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian have dealt with a lot of hot garbage at the hands of sexists on the Internet (and IRL) whose "solutions" to women having voices in online spaces are harassment and abuse. They would each have every right to complain and be angry about their own trials. Instead, they are each using their experiences to fuel projects that make serving other women the focus.

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A Marvel Comics Editor Is Being Harassed Because She Posted a Selfie With Her Coworkers

Comics has a sexism problem

Marvel editor Heather Antos is being harassed because she posted a selfie of her friends and coworkers getting milkshakes. Comics continues to have a serious, serious sexism problem.

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When Serial Harassers Try to Hijack Conversations About Harassment

During the Women Online panel at VidCon last week, Anita Sarkeesian was asked why we still need to talk about the harassment of women online. So she pointed to her longtime harasser sitting in the front row.

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Twitter’s Solution to “Egg” Accounts Sounds Like a Bad, Early April Fools’ Joke

Egg on all our faces.

Yesterday, Twitter confused us all with some strange changes to the way replies work, but that new system is not nearly as bizarre as the way they've decided to tackle harassment from "egg" accounts. See, we've apparently been looking at this all wrong. The problem with people starting dummy Twitter accounts to harass people isn't the harassment; the problem is that the reaction to harassment ruins Twitter's branding.

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Trolls Harassed A Woman Because They Didn’t Like Mass Effect: Andromeda

Garbage people across the internet have been harassing a woman as the party "responsible" for Mass Effect: Andromeda's robotic facial animations.

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Secret U.S. Marine Facebook Page Shared Nude Photos of Female Colleagues Without Their Consent

The U.S. military has a long history of misogyny, sexual assault, and gender inequality within its ranks, and it seems that this type of behavior and disregard for its female members extends to life outside the armed forces, too. Today, we learned that many Marines are semper fi to misogyny as we learned about a Facebook group where male Marines, both current and retired, posted and shared nude images of female colleagues.

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Hawkeye: Marvel’s Response to Online Harassment

With Kelly Thompson and Leonardo Roberto’s Hawkeye, Marvel is taking a clear stand against online harassment.

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Teen Vogue’s Lauren Duca Speaks Out About the Overwhelming Online Harassment She’s Experienced

"Telling women writers to 'just not do that' is like suggesting a New York cab driver relocate to a state where everyone has cars and no one needs cabs."

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Pro Golfer Paige Spiranac Speaks Out About Online Harassment For Being Female While Golfing and Social Media-ing

23-year-old pro golfer Paige Spiranac is currently in Dubai to play in the Omega Dubai Ladies Classic, a women's European Tour played in the Middle East. At a press conference about the event, a reporter asked Spiranac about online harassment she received following a loss at this same tournament last year. Spirinac's poignant response is in the video after the cut.

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Reddit Held Hostage By the Worst of Its Userbase By Capitulating to Its Worst Community

I'm a proponent of free speech and authentic conversation. I cannot legally stop anyone from saying whatever it is they want to say, nor would I want to. That said, if I invite you into my apartment, and you start hurting my other guests, tearing up my living room, or generally being an asshole, I'm kicking you the fuck out of my house. If only Reddit took disrespecting their home as seriously.

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Twitter Does the Absolute Minimum Needed in 2014, Suspends the Accounts of Alt-Right Members

Since the Nazis are already in the White House, Twitter decides to do what they should've done a long time ago.

In a sweeping move that has stirred up some of the "alt-right's" most vocal outlets, Twitter has suspended a number of accounts associated with the alt-right movement.

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Took ‘Em Long Enough: Twitter Adds Functionality for Muting Specific Words and Phrases

Twitter is finally implementing a much-requested feature: the ability to mute certain words and phrases.

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YouTube Provides Comment Moderation Tools to “Shape Conversations,” a.k.a. Make YouTube Bearable

YouTube comments are the worst. But YouTube--and, by extension, their parent company Google--seems to be aware of that problem, and they're working on it.

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Thanks, Harassers! Sales of Marvel’s Mockingbird Jump Thanks to Anti-Feminist Trolls

TMS' Keisha Hatchett has already reported on the disappointing fact of Mockingbird writer Chelsea Cain leaving Twitter thanks to the hostile comics environment created by anti-feminist trolls simply because she dared ask people to buy her book and show Marvel that they want comics featuring nuanced female heroes. Well, it looks like the trolls will have a lot more to be upset about. Mockingbird, Vol. 1 has now shot up to #1 on Amazon's Marvel Comics bestseller list.

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Hey Male Members of Fandom, Stop Attacking Women Creators: Mockingbird Writer Chelsea Cain Quits Twitter Over Harassment

Since when is harassment acceptable practice for being a fan of a thing? Anything?

On Thursday, Mockingbird writer Chelsea Cain quit Twitter after receiving an onslaught of abuse from individuals calling themselves comic book fans. Her crime? Asking for greater representation in her field of work.

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QuiVR Developers Take Proactive Step In Fighting Virtual Harassment In Their Game

Yesterday, I covered a story in which a woman was groped while playing a virtual reality game called QuiVR. Well, the developers were concerned enough about her story (and the potential untold stories like it) to do something about it.

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