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Review: NVIDIA Shield TV Is a Powerful “Cord Cutting” Box for Gamers

In whatever form it finally solidifies and however long it takes to finally get there, streaming Internet TV is the future of television. Similarly, it seems like destiny that streaming video games will be part of our future, too. Or, if you can't wait that long, they can be part of your present with the Nvidia Shield TV.

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Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories Debunked by… NVIDIA Graphics Cards?

That's no moon... Oh, wait. Yeah, it is.

NVIDIA has decided to prove how great their new GPUs are by using them to simulate lighting conditions for the Apollo 11 Moon landing and debunk conspiracy theories about photographs and video from the Moon. Or, depending on how strongly you believe the Moon landing conspiracy theories, NVIDIA just proved that their new GPUs are terrible and light things all wrong. Your call, I guess.

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The Nvidia Shield Tablet Is Coming for You, Game Consoles. Watch Out

Somewhere, PC gamers are cackling with delight.

Dedicated game consoles are going to die someday. We don't know when, and we don't know how, but it's pretty much an inevitability of technology at this point. Nvidia's Shield tablet looks to do the job by replacing your console with a convenient way to bring your PC game library to your living room—or anywhere else.

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Last-Minute Delay Means Nvidia Shield Won’t Release Until Next Month

Mechanical failures force an eleventh hour delay for the Android portable that wants to put Steam games in the palm of your hand.

The Shield, Nvidia's Android-based handheld gaming console which was supposed to be released today, will be pushed back to an unspecified date in July. According to the company the delay proved necessary due to the failure of a third-party mechanical component.

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Nvidia’s Project Shield, Now Just Shield, to Ship in June for $349

In case you weren't already a bit skint thanks to saving for the inevitable Sony/Microsoft console war that looks like might go down this holiday season, Nvidia's hoping you might want an Android-powered handheld. The Shield, previous Project Shield, is set to ship in June for price of $349. If that seems a bit much to you, you're not alone. We like to see new handhelds as much as the next person, but this seems like poor timing.

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Nvidia Loses 10 Million GPU Order, Still Refuses To Play Nice With Linux

Nvidia's refusal to cooperate with the Linux platform is costing them way more than bad press; it is also costing them a lot of money. The Chinese government dropped their order of 10 million Nvidia GPUs because the drivers were incompatible with their system architecture. This could easily be solved if Nvidia would just release the source code, but as usual, they refused. The order went to AMD instead.

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Torvalds’ Finger Gets A Response From Nvidia PR, Nothing Else

Having recovered from Linus Torvalds' epic bird-flipping over the weekend, NVIDIA's PR department issued a statement containing no apology and no promises. Not that we were expecting any.

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Linus Torvalds to Nvidia on Lack of Linux Support: “F*ck You.”

If you're used to Windows or OS X, Linux isn't exactly a walk in the park. That said, it's consideriably more viable than it used to be, for power users and newbies alike. Just recently, Linux users got some very happy news when Valve revealed it's bringing its games, and the entire Steam platform to the OS. Not everyone is so Linux-friendly, however, and according to a recent Q&A at Aalto University in Finland, Nvidia is one of the worst offenders. In response to a question from the audience, Linux kernel architect Linus Torvalds described Nvidia as "the single worst company we've ever dealt with." If that's not to-the-point enough for you, he summed it up again in three words. "Nvidia, fuck you."

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Nvidia: Mobile Graphics Will Be Better Than Xbox 360 By 2014

When it comes to mobile devices, most of today's games are stuck with relatively cartoony graphics. Many seem almost as if they're hiding behind their art styles. Of course, these are just mobile devices; we can't ever expect them to live up to, say, console expectations, can we? Yes we can, if you ask Nvidia, at least. According to the company, best known for its GPUs, by 2014 most mobile devices should be able to handle graphics on par with the consoles of today. Granted, the consoles of today will probably be the consoles of yesterday by 2014, but that's still a vast improvement.

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Google and Verizon Propose a Second, Paid Internet. What Does That Mean?

Last week's New York Times report on Google's and Verizon's alleged plans to undercut net neutrality might have been deeply flawed, but they weren't entirely unfounded. Google and Verizon have indeed been working on a seven-part joint proposal concerning the future of the Internet, and they unveiled it to the press and to the world today. While the proposal stresses a commitment to the continued neutrality of the broadband Internet as we know it, legally enforceable by the FCC as never before with fines of up to $2 million per infraction, it allows for the possibility of a sort of second Internet, which reporters on the call referred to as the "private Internet." This may protect net neutrality on the Internet as we know it, but could badly wound it on the Internet as we don't yet. What does it mean, exactly?

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The Latest Thing To Succumb to the 3D Craze is… StarCraft 2?

IGN was on hand at a Korean Star Craft II Q&A session, and, while pursuing a answer as to whether or not the game will support anti-aliasing, got this response:
"No; but we will be releasing 3D in the first few months, for those Nvidia cards and screens that support it... we're optimising for all systems."
Oh, come on now. StarCraft is an RTS. The entire game takes place on a flat plane. Except for the cinematics, which, I'll grant, will probably be some of the best in the industry. I guess I wouldn't mind seeing those in 3D, right up until a zergling leaps out of the screen and I tear the (one of the two pairs of) glasses off my face.

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