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The Latest Thing To Succumb to the 3D Craze is… StarCraft 2?

IGN was on hand at a Korean Star Craft II Q&A session, and, while pursuing a answer as to whether or not the game will support anti-aliasing, got this response:

“No; but we will be releasing 3D in the first few months, for those Nvidia cards and screens that support it… we’re optimising for all systems.”

Oh, come on now.  StarCraft is an RTS.  The entire game takes place on a flat plane.  Except for the cinematics, which, I’ll grant, will probably be some of the best in the industry.

I guess I wouldn’t mind seeing those in 3D, right up until a zergling leaps out of the screen and I tear the (one of the two pairs of) glasses off my face.

But what utility is there in playing an RTS game in 3D?  One Joystiq commenter said it would make it easier to quickly position things on the map, since judging distance on the 2D surface of the map would be easier.

We’re… unconvinced of that. But, hey.  It’s never a good idea to bet that Blizzard won’t surprise you.

(story and image via Joystiq.)

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