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PBS Just Announced a Bunch of New Space Documentaries

Get That Popcorn Ready!

PBS just announced a slew of upcoming space documentaries. These include Solar Eclipse, about this summer's upcoming solar eclipse; Beyond a Year in Space, about the effects of long-term space missions on the human body; and The Farthest, about the Voyager mission.

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WOC Astronaut Mae Jemison Talks About Fulfilling Her Space Dreams

Flawless lady is flawless.

Mae Jemison is a boss. Not only was she the first African-American woman in space, she was also the first astronaut who landed a guest spot on Star Trek. Citing Uhura as a major influence on her life, Jemison (who was able to chat with Nichelle Nichols before traveling to space) used to open communication to mission control every day by saying "hailing frequencies open." Here, Jemison talks about her journey. Love her as much as we do.

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Things We Saw Today: Tiny Captain Marvel Cosplay

Parenting done right.

Photographer Yaro Jane dressed her daughter up as Captain Marvel, and the resulting photos have been approved by both Kelly Sue DeConnick and Gail Simone. Killer.

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Today We Learned Our Friend Bill Nye Took Astronomy Classes From Carl Sagan [VIDEO]

Did the classroom implode into a black hole of awesomeness?

Our friend Bill Nye is being profiled by the new PBS/NOVA series The Secret Lives of Scientists. Previously, he's shared his origin story and spoken about his penchant for bowties. In this clip, Bill chats about how deeply he's been influenced by Carl Sagan (you know, the host of the original Cosmos), and how Bill hopes to continue Sagan's legacy.

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Our Friend Bill Nye Talks About His Origin Story and Becoming “The Science Guy”

We could watch this man talk all day.

As "The Science Guy," Our Friend Bill Nye helped shape a lot of young minds. (Ours included.) In this new promo for his upcoming episode of the PBS seriesĀ NOVA: The Secret Lives of Scientists, he talks about how he moved from engineering to science entertainment.

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Our Friend Bill Nye Talks Bow Ties in New PBS/NOVA Secret Life of Scientists Video

Bow ties are cool, and science rules.

Our friend Bill Nye is being profiled in the new PBS/NOVA seriesĀ The Secret Life of Scientists that premieres March 4th. It's no secret that Nye is a fan of bow ties, and in this clip he answers a lot of questions about his fashion choice. I know the bow ties are the focus here, but that jacket though... Nye's got style.

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Things We Saw Today: Superhero Shirts, With Capes, For Grownups

Things We Saw Today

Well, "grownups," and I absolutely use those quotation marks to include myself. (Fashionably Geek)

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Neil DeGrasse Tyson on the Daily Show Tonight

Neil DeGrasse Tyson is the director of the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History, and one of the Daily Show's favorite people (judging by the number of times he has been interviewed on the show). He's also one of our most favorite science geeks.

He will be appearing on the show again tonight, most likely to talk about this week's premiere of his NOVA documentary The Pluto Files, chronicling the declassification of Pluto as a planet.

His interviews always remind us to be excited about science. But don't take our word for it. We've embedded his last Daily Show interview after the jump.

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