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Disney Store Adds Official Ms. Marvel Costume for Young Aspiring Heroes

We're already super jealous of all the little ones that'll be snagging this awesome Kamala Khan costume. 

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Things We Saw Today: Kamala Khan Overcomes Bullies and Villains in Fan Film

It's no secret that TMS loves Kamala Khan, so I couldn't stop smiling when I saw this awesome live-action Kamala fan film! Watch for the joy of the fan film and the rage of asking yourself, "Why hasn't Marvel given this character a movie yet?"

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Kamala Khan Is the Superhero We Need—Now, More Than Ever

People are even now looking to remove immigrants from our homes, our families and our careers. But we are a country of immigrants, and it is not only past time that this fact was owned up to, but celebrated. We can start by elevating immigrant characters, their families and their stories in popular culture.

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Things We Saw Today: NASA’s Peggy Whitson Became the Oldest Female Astronaut

This past weekend, NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson set an unusual record: at age 56, she's the oldest woman in space.

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Exclusive Preview: Ms. Marvel #13 Encourages You to Get Out There and Vote


The time has come, not to lip sync for your life, but to get out there and vote.

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Never Underestimate the Power of Teenage Superheroes

They have an impact not merely on their own worlds, but on the future of ours as well.

For almost as long as there have been superhero comics, there have been teenage superheroes. From Superboy to Ms. Marvel, superheroes in their teenage years are solid proof that you don't necessarily have to be an adult to be endowed with powers--or find yourself the unexpected recipient of superhuman abilities.

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Marvel’s Champions Firmly Pushes Its Young, Progressive Characters Into the Spotlight

Within the past few years, Marvel has truly excelled at consciously choosing to diversify and modernize its heroes to reflect the country and world in which we live. From Miles Morales and Kamala Khan to Viv Vision and Amadeus Cho, Marvel Comics reflects that young people of all backgrounds want to not only save the world, but change it. Get ready for Champions, Marvel's newest super team!

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Diverse Characters Need Diverse Writers: Why Brian Michael Bendis Needs to Let Other Kids Play With His Toys

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Bendis has a good inclination toward creating new female, POC, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ characters for the Marvel Universe, but then has a bad habit of being the only writer who advances their stories in a meaningful way. Or he hands them over to another straight white male instead of someone who can draw on lived experience to write the character. That can have devastating effects for representation on and off the page, and it needs to change.

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Ms. Marvel Gears Up To Embiggen On-Screen in Avengers: Ultron Revolution

You can watch her episode tomorrow on Disney XD!

Tomorrow, Kamala Khan herself will be teaming up with famous members of the Avengers like Tony Stark and Captain America in her first animated appearance within the third season of Avengers: Ultron Revolution on Disney XD--and you can watch the first clip of her fighting alongside them to stop bad guy Ghost.

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Pull Wisely: Bitch Planet, Gwenpool, Power Up!, and More!

Hey, folks! Here's a brand new installment of Pull Wisely, your go-to source for what to grab on New Comic Book Day.

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Pull Wisely: Squirrel Girl, Hellcat, Supergirl and More!

Happy Tuesday! It's time to share our weekly pull list from the Mary Sue's Pull Wisely crew: me, Jessica Lachenal, and Teresa Jusino.

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Kamala Khan Takes a Stand in Teaser Image for Marvel’s “Civil War II”

Civil War II #0 is set to arrive from Brian Michael Bendis and Olivier Coipel in May, but in the meantime, we've got another intriguing teaser image to keep us speculating about what we can expect from the arc.

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Why Other Superhero Comics Should Be Like Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel

When people talk about diversity in comics, what usually comes to mind is diverse characters or creators. Yet, diversity shouldn't have "either-or" scenarios. Instead, it should be as broad as possible. One of the most recent comic series that demonstrates this is the Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel comic, which recently won the Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity.

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Pull Wisely: All-New Wolverine, Black Canary, The Legend of Wonder Woman & More!

Welcome back to Pull Wisely, featuring ten comic book issues that we plan to pick up tomorrow, February 10th, 2016.

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Priyanka Chopra Is Kamala Khan in Marvel Avengers Academy; Alison Brie, Dave Franco Also on Board

Over Twitter earlier today, Priyanka Chopra announced that she'll be joining the voice cast of Marvel Avengers Academy as Kamala Khan!

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Interview: Marvel’s Sana Amanat Talks Ms. Marvel at The 2016 MAKERS Conference

After her appearance at The 2016 MAKERS Conference, I had the chance to have an in-depth chat with Sana Amanat exclusively for TMS, wherein we talked about Ms. Marvel, how diversity and representation can be done well, and why "Marvel is more 'indie' now than it ever has been" before.

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G. Willow Wilson Raises Questions About Marvel CEO’s Trump Fundraiser Donation

And also suggests concrete action.

A couple of days ago, we reported on the fact that Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter made a huge donation at a Donald Trump-hosted fundraiser for veterans. Shortly thereafter, Ms. Marvel writer, G. Willow Wilson raised some questions after having lots of conversations about the story with fellow Marvel creators.

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Ashly Burch Is “The First Canonical Voice of New Ms. Marvel” in LEGO Marvel’s Avengers Game

On the fence about picking up LEGO Marvel's Avengers? This might convince you: the esteemed Ashly Burch plays Kamala Khan, a.k.a. Ms. Marvel, in the game.

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Pull Wisely: Captain Marvel #1, Adventure Time: Ice King #1, and more!

Welcome back to Pull Wisely, in which I join my colleagues Teresa Jusino and Jessica Lachenal in choosing the stack of comics worth picking up this New Comic Book Day -- tomorrow, January 20th, 2016.

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Marvel Editor Sana Amanat Tells Us What Ms. Marvel Would Say To Donald Trump

Ms. Marvel deals with some stark real-life problems, while also managing to include light-hearted elements -- like, y'know, superhero saving-the-day stuff. It's not so strange, though, to speculate about what Kamala Khan might have to say to Donald Trump if she met him face-to-face, given how often the problems of the real world overlap with the troubles faced by Marvel heroes. Now, thanks to Marvel editor Sana Amanat, we have an answer as to how that conversation might go down.

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