Carol and Kamala stand on Maria and Monica's porch in Louisiana.
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Kamala Khan Got To Live Every Fangirl’s Dream

Have you ever wanted to meet your hero face to face? Some of us have, while others just dream about it. Kamala Khan not only gets to meet her favorite hero, but she also fights alongside her in The Marvels and it’s beautiful to watch. Well, beautiful for Kamala.

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Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) has been a fan of Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) since we first met her in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When Ms. Marvel began, before she ever had powers, Kamala’s dream was to meet Carol. She dedicated her entire presence online to writing fanfiction about herself and Carol. All she wanted was a world in which Carol Danvers wanted to work with her. It’s why she wanted to dress up like Carol when she went to Avengers Con with Bruno (Matt Lintz).

Kamala’s love for Carol is one that many of us know well. We just don’t have the chance to actually meet our heroes. Our dedication to superheroes is why we come back to the MCU time and time again. If I could meet and work with Spider-Man, I would and I’d probably act exactly like Kamala Khan did. Seeing her fangirl over Carol and get angry that her family met Captain Marvel without her? Relatable. We’d all act the same in that situation.

Getting to see Kamala’s dream come to fruition in The Marvels is fantastic not only because we’re getting to see Kamala’s dreams come true, but we also get to watch as Carol comes to terms with people liking her.

Carol comes face to face with her biggest fan

Brie Larson as Carol Danvers in Ms. Marvel post-credit scene
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The counter to Kamala’s joy is Carol’s clear discomfort over someone loving her so openly. Carol left Earth and didn’t willingly return, and no one quite knew why. While we assumed it was because she had to save other worlds, the reality is that she was ashamed of what happened on Hala. To see Kamala so openly obsessed with her and happy to praise her meant that there was another young girl—much like Monica when she was young—who cared for Carol.

To watch as Carol comes to terms with Kamala’s praise and learns to accept it honestly rules. Throughout the movie, Carol and Kamala go through their ups and downs. Carol fights with her, is rude at times, and doesn’t quite know how to talk to her. Kamala obviously doesn’t take this well. She pushes back at Carol, doesn’t do what she’s told, and doesn’t always follow directions. But eventually the two come to an understanding and they work together like Kamala always dreamed they would. It’s a beautiful friendship that is lovely to watch unfold.

While Carol might not have seen a fangirl becoming one of her closest allies, it’s nice to see Kamala get this win.

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