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Things We Saw Today: A Cthulhu Engagement Ring Perfect For A R’lyeh Wedding

Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn!

In addition to creating a bunch of awesome TARDIS and lightsaber-themed jewelry, DTEK Designs created this beautiful custom engagement ring for a couple of Cthulhu lovers. It will probably not kill them. Probably. (via Fashionably Geek)

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Eating Green, Unripe Peas Was Once Considered Madness and 22 Other Thanksgiving Food Facts

9/10 kids—or one full-grown blogger—agree that eating peas is madness.

"This is madness!" "THIS. IS. THANKSGIVING." *Kick.*

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John Green Tells You 25 Things You Might Not Know About Harry Potter

Yes, even you, intense Potterhead. Even you.

Over at Mental Floss, everyone's awesome uncle John Green tells you a bunch of things you might not know about your favorite franchise. As someone who considers themselves a pretty hardcore Potter fan, I was surprised at how much I learned from this video—which only stoked my intense fangirl fires even more. HARRY POTTER FOREVERRREITGIFHDKFDGHHH

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Learn 33 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Toys in this Mental Floss Video

What's "G.I." stand for in G.I. Joe?

John Green is back with the latest episode of Mental Floss on Youtube to explain 33 facts about toys. Learn the origin of Play-Doh, which state has the Slinky as its official toy, and a lot more in a little more than eight minutes.

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Mental Floss Video Examines 20 Commonly-Held Misconceptions About Sex

I did not know that about corn flakes.

Mental Floss wants to clear a couple of things up about human anatomy and the purpose of one ubiquitous breakfast cereal.

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Chuck Norris Taught Bob Barker Karate, and 47 Other Celebrity Hobbies From John Green and Mental Floss

Don't mess with Barker.

Remember in Happy Gilmore when Bob Barker beats the hell out of Adam Sandler? Turns out Bob Barker could probably really beat the hell out of Adam Sandler, and almost anyone. He took karate lessons from Chuck Norris for eight years. That's just one of 48 celebrity hobbies that John Green points out in this Mental Floss video.

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Mental Floss Looks At American Regional Foods You Shouldn’t Eat Just Anywhere

And some you should probably eat... never.

In this week's Mental Floss video, John Green takes a look at 60 of America's most distinctive dishes. If like me you don't know your scrapple from your avocado pie, the video is a great reminder of how distinct the different regions of our country can be. Although we all seem to eat a lot of cake.

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John Green Drops Some Knowledge About Newspaper Comic Strips in His Latest Mental Floss Video

So many facts in so little time.

Do you want to very quickly learn a bunch of stuff about newspaper comic strips? Then let John Green give you 27 facts about them in about eight minutes. You'll learn about the first comic strip, what Jim Davis thought about Garfield Without Garfield, and more, so watch and learn.

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Let’s Take a Break From All This Valentine’s Stuff and Learn About Word Origins With John Green

What's the origin of "species"?

Words are weird, and so are their origins. Why do we call people "dunces"? Why do put the "kibosh" on things? Learn those origins and more from Mental Floss' own John Green in this video.

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Learn About the Origins of 27 Winter Holiday Traditions with John Green and Mental Floss

Maybe we'll finally figure out why "mistletoe" is even a thing.

Traditions are a very weird thing that humans do. Like, who decided to cut trees down and throw them in our living rooms all covered with shiny things so that Jesus would notice us on his birthday? In fact, the origins of most winter holiday traditions are a bit murky, so John Green is here to tell you all about them.

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Learn 25 Things Most People Don’t Know about Thanksgiving

We're thankful for Mental Floss, John Green, and learning things.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in America. It's a day to spend with family and friends you care about, and also family and friends-of-friends you don't. There's a lot of misinformation around the holiday, so Mental Floss and John Green have tried to clear it up with this video of 25 little-known facts about Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

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Mental Floss Brings You 24 Scientific Discoveries That Happened by Accident [Video]

Looks like we should be figuring out how to cause scientists to make more mistakes.

Eureka! We accidentally found a Mental Floss video of a bunch of accidental scientific discoveries. OK, we found the video on purpose, but you might be surprised to see that some of the marvels of science that we rely on today, like microwaves, pacemakers, and tire rubber, were originally stumbled upon accidentally.

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John Green Explains the Origins of 32 Superstitions [Video]

A lot of these are about weddings.

People believe a lot of crazy superstitions, but they don't always know why they believe them or where the superstitions originated from. John Green and Mental Floss want to change that, so they've released a video explaining the history of 32 common superstitions.

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John Green and Mental Floss Make Halloween Educational with 38 Facts About Candy [Video]

Protip: hand out the URL for this video to trick-or-treaters. Some candy might be nice, too.

Mental floss makes education fun by making candy, which is already fun, educational. In their weekly trivia webseries, John Green shares 38 little known facts about candy and debunks several myths including gum staying in your digestive system for years.

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50 Common Misconceptions Debunked in About Six Minutes

At Geekosystem, we love knowing stuff. We're not too picky on what that stuff is, we just want to cram as many facts into our heads as quickly as possible. That's why we love Mental Floss, and particularly love their new video debunking 50 common misconceptions. They just launched a YouTube channel this week, and if this is the kind of stuff they'll be putting out then we're pumped. Take a few minutes to find out which common held "facts" are actually bogus so next time someone brings one up you can correct them and feel like a real smarty pants.

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