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From a Certain Point of View: Star Wars and Emotional Labor

Star Wars (like so many big genre properties) is known for its dead mothers or mother figures, and we can’t undo the decades where they weren’t paid much thought. But we can highlight them now and elevate the contribution that they made in the first place.

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How Princess Leia Changed My Life

There was just something about the way that gritty, smart-mouthed, dirty-dressed princess exploded onto the big screen, blasting her laser pistol and complaining about the incompetence of her rescue that really got to me.

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[UPDATED] Apparently Disney Is Working on The Princess Diaries 3, Anne Hathaway Maybe Not So Much

"Is this punishment for driving without a licensed driver in the front seat?"

What will Mia Thermopolis get up to this time?

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The Mary Sue Interview: Meg Cabot on Her Middle-School Princess, and Her First-Ever Princess Diaries Novel for Adults

Mia Thermopolis was my soul mate growing up; I read every Princess Diaries book countless times, growing up with the reluctant Princess, and even loved Anne Hathaway's bushy-haired movie iteration. Now, Meg Cabot is returning to the world of Genovia with a new book for middle-grade readers - and even one for all of us old fans, too.

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The Mary Sue Exclusive Cover Reveal: Meg Cabot’s New Princess Diaries-Universe Book, From the Diaries of a Middle School Princess

Because we know you missed Genovia, admit it.

Amazing news for you citizens of Genovia: Meg Cabot is releasing all-new books set in the world of The Princess Diaries, and The Diaries of a Middle School Princess features a new royal (and new amazing awkwardness, I am certain).

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