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The Corona Princess Diaries Are Here to Help Us Through These Trying Times

That feeling when Genovia is handling COVID-19 better than America is.


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As COVID-19 dominates the news cycle (and our anxieties), many of us are turning to the pop culture equivalent of comfort food. And much to our delight, many of those beloved pop culture comforts are responding in kind. Enter Corona Princess Diaries, a new batch of blog entries from author Meg Cabot which revisit the royal kingdom of Genovia.

Cabot writes in her blog,

“Weirdly, entries from Princess Mia Thermopolis of Genovia’s diary* have fallen into my hands, and as the Princess’s royal biographer, it’s my duty to share them with you.

*Please keep in mind that as with any diary, the princess is only recording her thoughts at the given moment, and has had no copy editing. Also, both the Princess and I are aware that this is a serious and rapidly developing crisis.”

The diary entries detail Princess Mia’s response to the viral outbreak, and how Genovia is handling the crisis. So far, the fictional principality has closed the borders and schools, banned cruise ships, and encouraged social distancing and safety measures. Mia’s husband Michael is self isolating after exposure to the virus, while Grandmere is ignoring social distancing (come ON, Grandmere, you’re part of the most vulnerable population!).

Meanwhile, royal douche/cousin Ivan is making a fuss because his clubs and casinos are closed and he’s losing money during the height of Genovia’s tourist season. But Princess Mia won’t be bullied, telling Ivan,

“You know, Ivan, I was always taught that it was important to save money for a rainy day. Well, that day is now. Only it isn’t just raining. It’s a full on monsoon. Fortunately for your employees, we here in Genovia are banning all commercial and residential evictions for the extent of the crisis, and when they apply for unemployment, your employees will be offered all the financial aid they need by the Genovian government, because we — and the palace — care, unlike you. Have a good day.”

Guys … Genovia is better at handling the COVID-19 outbreak than America is.

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Cabot has said that she will update the diary entries every day, except for weekends when she will work on “deciphering the princess’s handwriting.” If you have kids that are scared and anxious during this time, the Corona Princess Diaries are a thoughtful way to address the issues and foster conversation.

And by “kids” I’m including all the adults in the room who still harbor nostalgic feelings for The Princess Diaries. Cabot makes sure to thank health care workers and first responders, and encourages her readers to donate to their local food bank.

In these stressful times, it’s nice to imagine what a competent and compassionate government would look like. Too bad it’s fictional. In the meantime, I’ll look forward to Disney’s The Andrew Cuomo Diaries.

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(via EW, image: Buena Vista Pictures)

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