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The Emoji Movie Ad Parodying The Handmaid’s Tale Is as Bizarre as It Is Offensive

An emoji gleefully donning a handmaid's red uniform with the text "The Emoji's Tale" and a caption reading "Blessed be the emoji. #EmojiMovie :D" with a link to purchase tickets.

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KFC Launched a Chicken Sandwich Into the Stratosphere, and None of You Told Me?

KFC literally launched a spicy chicken sandwich into the stratosphere as a marketing campaign.

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Dear Levi’s: Please Don’t Make Money off of Dead LGBTQIA Folks. Thanks. Love, The World.

While it's always suspect when a corporate fashion brand uses a social issue to sell stuff, sometimes it can genuinely be a nice acknowledgement of a cause, or a way for an organization or group to fundraise toward a worthwhile goal. Sometimes marketing and monetization can actually do and be good. This isn't one of those times.

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Jessica Jones Hates Iron Fist, and We Love Her For It

Feelings have been, shall we say, less than favorable about the most recent installment in the Netflix Marvelverse, Iron Fist. However, we'll have plenty more Danny Rand to deal with on the upcoming show, The Defenders, which brings him together with Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones. If you're not entirely thrilled with that, don't worry. Neither is Jessica Jones.

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New Dove Campaign Wants to Break Moulds With New Moulds

Have you ever been in the shower, cleansing yourself of the remains of the day only to be confronted with unrealistic beauty standards as you reach for your Dove® Body Wash?

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This Was Not the Wonder Woman Marketing We Were Asking For

Keep those unrealistic body standards off our Wonder Woman.

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Are You Wondering Where the Wonder Woman Marketing Is? Yeah, Us Too

We've got just over a month before Wonder Woman hits theaters. By this time in a mega-blockbuster superhero movie's gestation cycle, potential audiences have long been drowning in promotional campaigns. Marketing is s huge part of the movie process. So where is the marketing for Wonder Woman?

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Someone Please Explain to Me Why This Razor Has Boobs

Also it's a robot. A robot razor with full breasts.

Now, thanks to Schick, we can finally picture an anthropomorphic razor with a well-defined bosom.

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Facebook Advertising Filters Allows Advertisers to Be Hugely Racist, Which Is Horrible and Also Super-Illegal

There are times when Facebook seems like it's really trying to be better (unconscious bias training! paying women equal pay!), and then there are times when it's just like what are you even doing, Facebook? Case in point: the fact that advertisers on Facebook can segment their ads based on race, not to target them, but to exclude them.

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Is God Particle the Next Cloverfield Movie, and Do We Want to Know?

As more information comes out about the upcoming Bad Robot-produced film, God Particle, we get more excited about it. A sci-fi film with two amazingly talented black leads? Sign me up! However, how much information is too much information? And when should "insider sources" just hold their water and shut the hell up?

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International Male Model Derek Zoolander Answers Vogue’s 73 Questions

It's like a glimpse of the mocumentary that could have been. Zoolander 2 - not to be confused with Zootopia - is coming out next month, and in a bit of really fun AR marketing, Vogue visited Derek Zoolander at his home in New York to ask him seventy-three questions. He only had nine answers prepared, so there was a bit of a struggle. Check out the video above for some laughs, and great Zoe Kravitz cameo!

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Study Confirms “Gender Tax,” Women Often Pay More Than Men for Similar Products

The New York Consumer Affairs Board recently conducted a study titled "From Cradle to Cane: The Cost of Being a Female Consumer" that tells us something we all kind of already knew from browsing the CVS and Rite Aid razors: women's products cost more than similar products for men.

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DC Trinity-Focused Batman v Superman Posters Show Wonder Woman Respect

We love how, in the lead-up to next year's Batman v Superman, Warner Bros. has been prominently featuring Wonder Woman in all of their marketing. The newest BvS posters are no exception. Check out this amazing action shot of our favorite Amazon in her very own new character poster.

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Toys “R” Us Commercial Shows Father and Daughter Bonding Over Star Wars

Family commercials for Star Wars that use "I am your father" in a cheesy way are my new favorite genre of commercial.

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Gendered Advertisements May Not Appeal To Millennials. Heh.

If you want to feel depressed about society's definition of gender roles, look no further than advertisements. But apparently, we millennials -- with our dangerous post-gender world-views and fluid theories about gendered socialization -- have started to frighten advertisers a little bit.

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Abercrombie & Fitch Is Retiring Those Sexual B&W Ads

Abercrombie & Fitch told Women's Wear Daily that their new campaign would move away from their signature images of shirtless monochrome teenagers.

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Peanuts Movie Introduces Wah Wah Machine

First they had the Peanutize Me! Character Creator and now they've introduced The Wah Wah Machine, which allows you to type things and translate them to the adult wah wah sounds.

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IHOP Tries Appealing to the Youths by Comparing Pancakes to Girls’ Bodies

IHOP came under some fire recently for their captions on social media which used objectifying language to describe pancakes (yes, that was a real sentence).

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Marketing How-To: Not Making Offensive Slogans/Ads

This really shouldn't be that hard.

Did no one take a look and say, "hey, does anyone else think that saying 'we don't need your permission' sounds really really inappropriate? Especially considering, you know, the incident?" No one?

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Irish Mobile Company Puts Out Transphobic Ad And Lukewarm Apology

Data plans are frustrating enough without the transphobia.

Mobile company Three Ireland recently put out an campaign to advertise their data plan which many people pointed out was incredibly transphobic.

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