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Tiger Woods Machinima Revealed As Untrue!

So: Remember the patently insane machinima video describing the whole Tiger Woods affair? And how the Internet came together and laughed at it, because, wow, it looked like someone was using The Sims 3 to report the news? And how all the stars of America's celebrity firmament tumbled directly into the Uncanny Valley? Well, after Tiger Woods' press conference today, we now know that that the video's portrayal of marital fisticuffs was false. Who knew that weird Chinese tabloid videos are not to be trusted?

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Adult Swim Now Airing Andy Dick Machinima as “News Segment”

Remember Apple Daily, the Taiwanese tabloid that produces CGI videos depicting the events of major Western news stories? And how their segment on the Tiger Woods scandal started a mini-empire of Internet virality? Adult Swim is now airing the videos as "Adult Swim News" segments. Can a show composed entirely of "viral" "internet" "vids" be far behind?

(That is, one that isn't on G4?)

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