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Adult Swim Now Airing Andy Dick Machinima as “News Segment”

Remember Apple Daily, the Taiwanese tabloid that produces CGI videos depicting the events of major Western news stories? And how their segment on the Tiger Woods scandal started a mini-empire of Internet virality? Adult Swim is now airing the videos as “Adult Swim News” segments. Can a show composed entirely of “viral” “internet” “vids” be far behind?

(That is, one that isn’t on G4?)

The segments are being aired completely without translation, making their hilarity approximately half a brow height above, say, What’s Up, Tiger Lily? Despite this, the piece on the John Edwards/Rielle Hunter/Andrew Young saga does a better job of explaining the story than most major news outlets:

The only other piece to air so far appears to be one on…Andy Dick’s endless cavalcade of sex gropery?

But what’s that? Each video’s title card indicates that Adult Swim is claiming copyright over them?

We sincerely hope that this is an oversight, because the prospect of an Adult Swim/Apple Daily legal battle over machinima would give our sister site Mediaite material for days.

(thanks, CRZ)

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