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Yet Another Comedy Club Is Rightfully Under Fire for a Surprise Louis C.K. Appearance

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Do you know what’s exhausting? Hearing about Louis C.K. continually getting booked at comedy venues. Sure, whatever, trash people are always going to stand up and clap for him because they view him as a “victim” when he willingly took his penis out at women and then admitted to doing so.

So why are there constantly stories of people still booking him? This time, it was a comedy festival at The Creek and the Cave in Brooklyn [Correction: C.K. performed at Brooklyn Bazaar, as part of a festival sponsored in part by The Creek and the Cave.], and when C.K. took to the stage, he was met with a standing ovation. While I have my gripes with everyone who stood up, there will always be people who are trash who support other trash. If you support Louis C.K., that’s your own doing, and you have to come to terms with the fact that you support a man who sexually harasses women.

It’s clear that the club where this “Skankfest” (yes, the festival’s name) took place doesn’t care about women. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have a festival called Skankfest and let people like Louis C.K. take their stage—especially, again, for an audience that didn’t know he would appear. Comedy Cellar already let C.K. have his “comeback” there because, again, who cares about women, am I right?

With all these comedy venues continually supporting men who admitted to sexual harassment, I just know that the world of comedy isn’t going to change anytime soon, and women need to start making our own theaters and festivals and leaving places like Skankfest, The Creek and the Cave, and the rest of their sponsors behind. Sorry to those margaritas and pinball machines, but I’ll not be coming back, and I strongly suggest that any woman, or just any comedian who wants to stand against C.K. do the same.

Twitter had some wonderful thoughts on the matter because again, we’re all tired of people continually giving Louis C.K. a platform.

I’m just tired. It’s enough already. If you’re going to book Louis C.K., I won’t be coming there and I hope others do the same. We need to all stand together because if not, people are going to continue to book him and let him thrive.

(via TMZ, image: Rich Fury/Getty Images)

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